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  1. I am playing this really loud for me Hang and Mandy..and big mandy *huggles* :love:


    :rolleyes: Our nostalgic tune..lol


    These parts of the song..

    We didnt have no internet but man i never will forget.. the way the moon light shined upon her hair.


    And we was trying different things..smoking funny things..making love out by the lake to our favorite song.


    LOL those days where great...wait a min..those times are what got me into this mess :naughty:


  2. We named our first child Mandy after our best friend here :elephant: and now with another child on the way we still havent made up our minds what to call it but we made a short list..

    What's little Mandy's middle name?

    Good question kev...her full name is Mandy Darlene Saskia Evans.


    Darlene was my moms name (god bless her soul) and Saskia is Debs moms name.

  3. Deleting an "interesting" pm.


    Hangon, it sounds like you got the same "interesting" pm that I got. :elephant:

    LOL damn and i thought i was some kinda internet hotty :elephant:


    Any email or pm i get that starts off with..."I am a goodlooking girl with a nice figure"...tells me straight away its bull...no good looking girl in her right mind would pm strangers let alone me..lol


    kicking back after a long day :congrats:

  4. Sitting here thinking about fried chicken wings for some reason... :congrats:


    Throw in some hot sauce and some ranch dressing and that would be awesome. :elephant:

    LMAO did someone mention chicken wings?.. :elephant:


    I anit doing much really..just pulled myself off bf2 coz i killed enough ppl for today..lol


    Also reading a really intresting PM :cheers:

  5. :cold: Don't blame me, it was all Mandy's idea. She took the picture, she told me to post it... :look:


    Oh you are so full of it :look::cold: Oh wait, I did do that didn't I? :clap:


    lol I can not tell a lie... yes you did... Of course the part about it being all your idea might be a tad on the "not true" side :b-day: You did take the pic and you did refuse to post it though lol

    Wise women indeed :stars:

  6. :cold: oh i so have to print that photo and stick up around the house,let me see hang always gets up goes to the bathroom first then he gets a glass of milk so one in the bathroom on the door and one in the fridge*giggle* :stars:


    He will kill me for this but thats what i call tuff love :cold:

    :clap: hehe yeah and i just got my pay back...still even with a really bad hang over i thought it was a really good one to pull on me,i didnt see the bathroom one coz i was still half asleep but the one next to the milk cracked me up...Touche :b-day:

  7. Debs on the sofa playing Need For Speed Pro street on the PS3 ..gotta watch she doesnt get further then me in the game


    Muhahaha i am better then you boy so take it like a man and admit defeat :cold:


    I am talking with RC while mini mandy watches kung fu panda and hang is still asleep in bed :b-day:

    LOL ok your better then me at NFS pro street..but i can write my name in the snow better then you can :look::stars:


    P.s i see you have been busy :cold:


    :clap: The girls just woke me up with lots of kiss'es and then pushed me out the the bed..nice birthday wake up..lol

  8. Feeling for a very close friend of mine :cold:


    Sitting with Mini Mandy on my knee while she sucks her thumb and rubs her other hand over my head coz she likes the feeling of my shaven head.

    Debs on the sofa playing Need For Speed Pro street on the PS3 :cold: ..gotta watch she doesnt get further then me in the game :b-day:

  9. Mick Foley Agrees To Sign With TNA

    Date Added: August 27, 2008

    Story By: Cornelius Wilson

    It has been confirmed that Mick Foley has agreed to a contract with TNA and will debut once his WWE contract expires on September 1, 2008. His signing will have him involved with other Spike TV projects.


    I bet Vince is flipping out!

    LOL oooo thats gotta hurt :b-day:


    I am watching tonights Smackdown right now but i wont spoil anything except its a pretty good show tonight,worth watching for you guys TONIGHT in the states :cold:

  10. Dj Luna VS Dj Dana VS The Prophet.."Hardstyle Bass" Live@Sensation Black 2007 Amsterdam Arena.


    I go every year to this Party..just 5 weeks till its back and me and 65.000 other die hards will party all night to this music :b-day:


  11. Daniel, you could have your party with your friends on a different night. A day before or day after. It sucks that your plans went up in smoke, but you still can work it out.

    Well my birthday is sunday but i had planned for a number of weeks to go out with some friends to Amsterdam tomorrow night,old hang dont get to party much anymore except on my birthday and it took some major butt kissing with deb to get her to give me the ok to go.


    Anyways next weekend there is a very big party in Amsterdam which my friends are going to so deb agreed that i could go there next weekend with them. :b-day:

  12. Calling my buddys up to let them know that my planned birthday night out saturday anit gonna happen coz debs mom got it into her head to throw a surprise party for me tomorrow night (which is not a surprise anymore) :cold: without even checking with deb if i had something else planned(which i did have) :b-day: and i have to go coz her mom already bought cake,beer,vodka, snacks,did i say vodka..oops yes i did..lol