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    Greetings Decius.
    Welcome aboard!
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    The Remans, a relatively recent addition to the Star Trek universe, seen so far only in the movie Star Trek: Nemesis, have become a controversial part of the Romulan back story.
    I say controversial because in Nemesis we see the Remans not only as members of Romulan society, but as a heretofore unknown part of that society, as slaves.
    Now I realize that the idea of the Romulans as 'brutal slave masters' fits quite nicely with the preconceptions that alot of people have of the 'deceitful, villianous' Romulans, but I believe that the notion of the Remans living in slavery is inaccurate.
    Considering that the only source on the Remans is the movie Nemesis, I'll try to keep speculation to a minimum, and focus primarily on the film.
    (for simplicity, I'll present my examples in chronological order.)
    In the opening scene, on Romulus, we see a debate in the senate chamber about Shinzon's proposal:
    Romulan Commander: Senators, consider the opportunities for the Empire. At last the destinies of the planets Romulus and Remus will be united. (Note: Are the "destinies" of the two planets currently separate, a possible reference to Remus as semi-independent within the Empire?)Shinzon of Remus is offering us a chance to make ourselves stronger than ever before. It would be madness to reject it. I beg you not to let prejudice or politics interfere with this alliance. (Note: An alliance? isn't that usually an agreement between separate and independent parties? How can slaves be in a position to choose to ally with the masters?)By joining Shinzon's forces with ours, not even the Federation will be able to stand in our way.
    Praetor Hiron: That's enough! The decision has been made. The military does not dictate policy on Romulus. The Senate has considered Shinzon's proposal and rejected it. He and his followers will be met with all deliberate force and sent back to that black rock they came from! (note: He and he's followers, not 'the Remans', could Shinzon represent only a small minority with in Reman society? A terrorist group?)
    (Shortly afterwards, the Senate is assassinated.)
    Later during the briefing on board the Enterprise-E:
    Data: As you can see one side of Remus always faces the sun. Due to the extreme temperatures on that half of their world, the Remans live on the dark side of the Planet. (Note: They live in the darkness by choice, not because they are forced to by the the Romulans) Almost nothing is known of the Reman homeworld. Although intelligence scans have proven the existence of dilthium mining and heavy weapon construction. (Note: It is never mention if these industries are Romulan in origin, or if they are indigenous, Reman control enterprises.) The Remans themselves are considered an undesirable caste in the hierarchy of the Empire. (Note: An undesirable caste, possibly due to their violent ways, but not slaves.)
    Riker: But they also have a reputation for being formidable warriors. (Note:How can the Remans be both warriors of high reputation and chattel slaves at the same time?)During the Dominion war Reman troops were used in the most violent encounters. (Note: In other words, in the most vital areas of combat the Remans were trusted to 'hold the line', but why would a slave be trusted to do that?)
    Picard: Canon fodder. (Note: Or the back bone of the Empire's infantry?)
    Geordi: Yeah, but how did a Reman get to be Praetor? (Note:It would be unlikely that someone from a lower caste would lead the Empire, but impossible for a slave.)I don't get it.
    Riker: We have to assume he had Romulan collaborators.(Note: Why would they assume that if it was someone from a slave race, why would the Romulans tolerate that? If the Remans were slaves wouldn't it be more likely that it was some type of 'servile insurrection'?)
    Picard: Coup d'etat
    Riker: Praetor's power has always been the Romulan Fleet. They must of been behind Shinzon for him to overthrough the senate. (Note:Why would the Romulan military assassinate their own government to put a member of a slave race in control?)
    Picard: What have we learned about Shinzon?
    Data: Star Fleet Intelligence was only able to provide a partial account of his military record. We can infer that he is relatively young and a capable commander.(Note: At this point they believe Shinzon is Reman, but don't seem surprised that a Reman would command troops in the field, rather unlikely for a slave.)
    He fought twelve major engagements in the war, all successful. Beyond that we know nothing.
    When later Shinzon speaks with Commander Suran.
    Com.Suran: We supported you Shinzon, when you assassinated the senate. (Note: Why would a Romulan Commander support a bunch of slaves murdering the entire Romulan government and taking control of the Empire?)You told us the timing was perfect for an attack on the Federation. (Note: Why would they listen to slaves in matters of 'national security'?)I don't understand why you delay.
    Shinzon: You don't have to understand.
    Com. Suran: And bringing the Enterprise here, what possible purpose can that serve?
    Shinzon: I have a purpose.
    Com. Suran: Then perhaps you will enlighten us.
    Shinzon: Silence Romulan! You really must learn patience Commander. Spend eighteen hours every day under the lash of a Romulan guard and you'll soon learn patience. (Note: The first real reference to a 'slave like situation involving the Remans, but he speaks of his treatment, not all Remans and it is interesting that he refers to Romulan guards and not overseers or slave masters, could he and his followers have been in some type of penal institution on Remus?) Now go.
    When Shinzon spoke to Picard about his existence on Remus.
    (Note: Shinzon lied about every thing else. He said he wanted peace, but plotted war, he said he wanted to learn about humanity, but planned to destroy Earth. Please keep this in mind when you read his words.)
    Shinzon: They sent me there to die. How could a mere human survive the dilithium mines of Remus? (Note: The mines, not the entire planet, could the mines be used as penal labor camps?)Not that it mattered, as I was no longer part of their plans against the Federation. (Note: In other words a political liability, could that have classified him as a 'political prisoner' or was he a violent, defective clone that needed to be contained?) In those terrible depths lived only the damned. (Note: A possible reference to the prison population, most of which would be 'lifers'?)Together with the Reman slaves (Note: His view of the prisoners?), I was condemned to an existence of unceasing labor and starvation under the brutal heel of the Romulan guards. I was only a child when they took me, and I didn't see the sun or the stars again for nearly ten years. (Note: But didn't he later in the same conversation mention looking at the stars and dreaming?) The only thing the Romulans hated more than the Remans was me. But one man took pity on me, the man that became my viceroy. He protected me from the cruelty of the guards (Note: If they were both slaves, why would the Romulans not simply kill the Reman if he got in their way while attacking the human?), he taught me how to survive, and in that dark place, where there was nothing of myself, I found my Reman brothers. They showed me the only true kindness I have ever known.
    Picard: You're doing this to free the Remans?(Note: The Remans that Shinzon leads, perhaps the ex-'prisoners'?)
    Shinzon:That is the single thought behind everything I have done. (Note:How does ending all life on Earth help free the Remans?) From building the Simitar at a secret base,(Note:How did slaves get a secret base with the resources to build a monster like the Simitar?) to assembling my army. (Note: Ex-prisoners, possibly like him, former members of the military?) Finally coming to Romulus in force. (Note: With a planetary scale weapon of mass destruction) I knew they would never give us our freedom, we would have to take it. (Note:When did the 'plotting with Romulans to destroy Earth' idea pop up?)
    Picard: How many Romulans died for your freedom?
    Shinzon: Too many, but finally the Empire is realizing there is a better way, and that way is peace. (Note: Who is he referring to when he says the Empire, he killed the entire government, and conspired with a small group of officers to stage a coup and launch a war. So who's peace, not the Romulans and not the Federation.)
    I would like to conclude with a quote from Commander Donatra.
    Com.Donatra: Are you truly prepared to have your hands drenched in blood? He's(Shinzon) not planning to defeat Earth, he's planning it's annihilation, and his sins will mark us and our children for generations.
    (Something to consider when refering to evil Romulans and the oppressed Remans.)
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    Is it me...or are the Romulans one of the most contridicted species in trek? I mean...
    Who are the real Romulans?
    The ones from TOS?
    The ones from the "Rihannsu" Series by Diane Duane
    The ones from "The Way of D'era" by Unicorn Games
    The ones portrayed in TNG?
    Or the ones from Nemesis?
    I mean...trying to portray a Romulan in a gaming group can at times be difficult Which one is the right one?
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    The Romulans are a rather confusing people. This may just be due to changes in the course of time and the social evolution of the people, so it is a possibility that they are all accurate. However, it is rather confusing in places. Than again though, one can never really judge a group as a whole. Humans have interesting diversities too. For example, look at Christian history. Are they the small persecuted group of the first century, are they the ruthless warriors from the crusades, are they the crazy who scream and shove the Bible down peoples throats? They are all of these, and none of them. I am a Christian and I fit in none of the above groups. Perhaps it is the same with Romulans. Different things are showing different sides of the people.
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    You raise an extremely good point. I wish it could be made into a movie too. The Enterprise B had what, eight or so minutes of on-screen time [in Generations] so it is not like it is unreasonable. Besides, then the Tomed incident would be explained in a [hopefully] clear and cannonical way.
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    I've very much wanted to, but haven't had the chance yet. :(
    I had hoped that the Tomed Incident would be explained in an episode or movie by now. :(
    The relationship between the UFP and RSE goes from, what appears to be in the "Undiscovered Country"(2293), a fairly friendly one, (the Romulan ambassador was allowed to join a meeting in the UFP President's office to discuss a possible military operation into Klingon space) to, thanks to the Tomed Incident, a five decade long period of isolation followed by a period of 'cold war'.
    So, it's not an exaggeration to say that it is probably the most important moment in the history of Federation/Romulan relations since the Earth/Romulan war of the 22nd century.