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  1. Excellent episode, I did play it at school for my pupils, and they really did like it. There are so many pleasant and funny scenes in this episode.
  2. A great episode. The baby was so cute and that was so funny to see Dr Mccoy with the baby, that made my heart melt.
  3. I'm very happy, I did manage to land here. I'm glad, to be part of the crew. I discovered Star Trek two years ago, during lockdown. My daughter had fun while saying quotes from JJ Adam's film and I did start with TOS. I didn't know anything about Star Trek. William Shatner was Hooker for me, and I had seen Mr Spock's face. I'm a Bonanza fan since 2009. As I first saw Dr Maccoy, I did realise , I had seen it three times in Bonanza. And I had been caught by his charismatic presence. I won't lie, it I say, that Bones is my favorite character. DUring Lockdown, I made a Star Trek Marathon : the three seaons, the animated serie, the six movies, then I did watch the three films with Chris Pine and Karl Urban, and this guy sure did steal my heart. I was deeply touched by the way he did portray Dr Mccoy, with so much respect for what Mr DeForest Kelley had done. I enjoy writing fanfictions and that will be a pleasure for me to share them with you.