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  1. Get ready for the Newest, Most EPIC Sci-Fi Convention of the year... ‘Gaaays In Spaaace’ is proud to present the ‘GALACTIC DIVERSITY & INCLUSION CONVENTION’ 2023!!! Appropriately located in 'The City of Brotherly Love,' our inaugural convention will be held in the heart of Philadelphia, PA from May 5-7, 2023, at the Downtown Pennsylvania Convention Center located at 1101 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19107. We are honored to have over a dozen of our most dedicated, supportive, and all-around best pals from the sci-fi world joining us as our very special guests, including... DENISE CROSBY (TNG), NANA VISITOR (DS9), ALEXANDER SIDDIG (DS9), TERRY FARRELL (DS9), ROBERT PICARDO (VOY), PENNY JOHNSON JERALD (THE ORVILLE, DS9), MARK JACKSON (THE ORVILLE), PETER MACON (THE ORVILLE), CHAD L. COLEMAN (THE ORVILLE, THE EXPANSE, THE WALKING DEAD), GARRETT WANG (VOY), JG HERTZLER (DS9), ROBERT O’REILLY (TNG, DS9), CONNOR TRINNEER (ENT), DOMINIC KEATING (ENT), JOHN BILLINGSLEY (ENT), BONNIE FRIEDERICY (ENT), THOM ALLISON (KILLJOYS), BONNIE GORDON (PRODIGY) & many, many more!!! In addition to convention mainstays such as autograph signings, photos ops and panels, you can expect a LOT more from ‘D&I Con.’ One of the most exciting additions to the schedule are our ‘Actor Away Missions.’ These are separately ticketed events limited to a maximum of 24 participants, each with a different theme and a different actor(s) leading them. ‘Actor Away Missions’ are far more interactive and experiential than anything else you’ll find at other conventions. We’ll also have several of our signature TREK-themed Game Shows including the fan favorite, ‘TREKKIE FEUD!!!’ Plus, casually Mix & Mingle with fellow fans and our celebrity guests, enjoy amazing LIVE Musical Performances, Tons of TREK Trivia with Fabulous Prizes, AND… A Once in a Lifetime Event Celebrating the Union of Science Fiction & Science in a way that could ONLY come from 'GIS.' This weekend will be the most memorable, history making celebration we have ever produced. You do NOT want to miss it!!!