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  1. Hello, all...This is where I will be posting my "Star Trek: Entomalians" TNG/DS9-era fanfic. Before I begin, a disclaimer - this story takes place within an alternate reality set within the "Star Trek" universe. This is to avoid any conflict with established canon, and to allow for full artistic freedom in the telling of the story. The story is broken down into three "seasons", with four "episodes" in each season. The episode names are listed below:SEASON ONE- Blood and Thunder- Duality- The Dyson Cube- Laying the Found(er)ationSEASON TWO- The Remilitarized Zone- Black Gold- The Big Borg Battle- All the Queen's Ships and All the Queen's MenSEASON THREE- The Battle of Betazed- The Sky Is Falling- Stargazing At Midnight- In Caelum FeroI will be posting the story soon. I hope you will enjoy it.