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  1. The Xfinitty viewing is the DC version from the youtube link above. It included the Collaborator Reveals. The video quality was not that good. better then DVD. But not as good as my Special Edition DVD upscaled by my 4K tv. It would be nice is Paramont would put out a new 4kBD with all the versions. Yyaa good luck with that .......
  2. Thanks for the detailed reply! I will review your very helpful links, then 'rent' the xfinity version and report back. I did notice that Vudu offers it in there higher quality HDX (1080p), or SD (DVD??). Similar for Xfinity, HD, & SD
  3. This version title is a bit confusing to me. I can not find this version on BD. But is is on Vudu for rent and buy for streaming only. https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/details/title/180841 I think things are also more confusing in that the DVD Special Edition is actually the Director's Cut. Yes No ? And I think those terms get switched around often. So if this Vudu ( I also found it this exact same title on my Xfinity account, see screen snip attached) just the DVD Special Edition. Or do they have a better up-scaled version not available on a disc for us to purchase. The BD I have is just a bad transfer of the theatrical release. Or more simply; is there a Blu-Ray ST6 Director's Cut? (even better 4KBD!) Maybe there is a link that explains all this I am not aware of? Thanks (Trek Lives !)