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  1. This was written a very, very long time ago. When I was very young indeed. It was written on blue construction paper, with a black crayon. Somehow it ended up in an old photo album. Anyway, here it is. -------------------- "Space Egg" "CRACK! CRACK!! CRACK!!!" "In five minutes the Space Egg will hatch." said Bones. "CRACK! CRACK!! CRACK!!!" "Make that three minutes." said Spock. "CRACK! CRACK!! CRACK!!!" "The Space Egg is wicked!" said Scotty. "We must kill the Space Egg!" said Bones. "No." said Kirk. "CRACK! CRACK!! CRACK!!!" "The Space Egg will hatch now." said Spock. "Cheep! Cheep!! Cheep!!!" said the chick. "It is not a Space Egg." said Scotty. "It is a chicken egg." said Bones. "Lovely just lovely." said Kirk. --------------------
  2. Hello! Let's talk about Star Trek!