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    Ok, I have insomnia and I shall put up my interests!<br /><br />Movies:<br />The Goonies *Another Data I love*<br />Run Lola Run<br />Ever After<br />Harry Potter <br />Coming to America<br />Lord of the Rings <br />The Neverending Story<br />Hook<br />Peter Pan<br />Labryinth *David Bowie in tight PANTZZZZ*<br />Indiana Jones trilogy<br />ST: Generations<br />ST: First Contact<br />ST: Insurrection<br />Star Wars Trilogy *I HATE HAYDEN CHRISTIANSON* <br />X Men *Both movies*<br /><br />Books:<br />A Little Princess<br />The Secret Garden<br />The Thief Lord<br />Peter Pan<br />Lord of the Rings trilogy<br />The Hobbit<br />The Neverending Story<br />Inkheart<br />Eragon<br />Harry Potter *all five books!*<br />Indiana Jones book series<br />Chronicles of Narnia<br />Earth Light<br />Flowers in the Attic<br />Petals on the Wind<br /><br />Music:<br />Celtic<br />80's<br />Classical<br />Rock<br /><br />Misc: <br />DRAWING and PAINTING!<br />Cooking<br />Reading<br />Eating<br />Sleeping<br />Cleaning house... *not really, but if my mom happens to read this, it'll look so nice! :D*<br />Herb hunting<br />Making medicinal potions<br />Healing the sick *sounds so saintly, huh?*<br />Fairy hunting<br />Star gazing<br />Ghost hunting<br />UFO hunting *even though I've had nightmares about this*<br />Wine tasting<br />And hopeless romantic

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