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  1. Data's dead : ( why did they have to kill him? I just finished crying from it. I'm still really sad. I'm starting to cry again......... Why?


    The music was the best part though. It was like a mixture of Star Wars, Alien Resurrection, and The Mummy music, and some of its own kind too. Poor Data.

  2. I was thinking along with Pirate Elf, and I thought "What if T'Pol was Spock's mother? They're both Vulcans aren't they? and since she was on the Enterprise, maybe thats why Spock is on it." We've never thought of that before. So I decided to hear your thoughts about it. :clap:

  3. Its all good fun. For my first Episode of Enterprise, it was a good one. But not just because of the nudity. Just because they show a little skin doesn't really say its nudity. Cirtain parts would be concidered nudity, but the parts they showed, were not nudity. It would be just like one of the other guys bareing his chest.