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  1. I have heard of the Companion which is cool. Is it still in print? There is an app for those with the iphone called daxhotel (not sure why it has that name), but it is like a companion for every Star Trek series, even the Animated Series. There are descriptions of the episodes along with pictures. I too have used it to track down certain episodes or to find out more about them, even while watching them. The movies are the only thing not included, and I think the app only costs like $2, great for any Trekkie.

  2. I thought that "I Am Spock" was a great book. It's a little hard to find these days, unless you find a used copy. I just finished the Vulcans Soul trilogy of books, and I thought it was a good set of books if you were interested in knowing more about the Romulans and Vulcans, I thought that it had Spock and some other familiar characters in there just to keep it familiar. I am taking a little break from Star Trek books to catch up on the Dune and Foundation series, while I am off from school. However, I have "The Good That Men Do" ready in the wings. I am an Enterprise fan, but have never read any of the novels.

  3. Glad to see this thread still going. I finished Collision Course, by Shatner, which is pretty good. Of course it has nothing to do with the movie. One thing though that seems to transcend is that Kirk somehow is always in the right spot at the right time, Always. Right now I am finishing the Vulcan Soul trilogy. So far the two parts of the book have not really come together, because it bounces back from the past to the Federation present of when the story takes place. I will say that if you want to know a little more about Vulcan and the forge the first book is great.


    Also I saw that there is a Art of book for the new movie, I haven't seen the book, but was wondering if anyone has checked it out?

  4. Seems like an old post, but I will reply anyway. There is no denying that Spock is a very popluar character, he was the only alien crew member in the original series. I always liked McCoy though because he was the yin to Spock's yang, and balanced that part of the show out.

  5. I loved this movie. I thought it was great how there was plenty of stuff in there for us fans, and it did not turn off anyone who was not a fan. I think that the movie did a great job of blending in the old with the new. I think that the casting was great, would have liked to see more of McCoy, but I get that this was the first movie and mostly about Kirk and Spock. I think that Chris Pine was good, and I like that he did not imitate Shatner because that would have been bad. Quinto as Spock, I also liked because he did not play a Vulcan like we have seen so many times. This is a more emotional Spock, I assume because he is younger and he is not in as much control of his emotions like the old Spock. He was still true to the character though. I think the rest of the cast was just as true to the original characters, and I like that they all had a part in the movie. I could understand how some fans may be upset with some of the changes that happen in the movie, but overall I believe that it stays true to what Star Trek was all about. I think we should all remember too that this movie was made because Star Trek fans are still around, and yeah its flashy and slick, but that goes for about 95% of the movies out there especially a Summer blockbuster movie. If you can't get over that this is a new cast with a flashy and slick new Enterprise then do not see this movie.


    I think that the writers paid a lot of homages to the original Trek, and there was even an Enterprise (Captain Archer) reference which shows that they were really trying to please the fans, because they knew that they would be under a microscope. The only thing I could understand some people not digging about this movie is that Nero does not get much to do except be totally evil. There is a part where he explains his past to Pike, but its a short dialogue that is supposed to explain why Nero is so intent on getting revenge and committing horrible atrocities. So, Nero does not get much character development, but the movie is supposed to be more about the Enterprise crew coming together for the first time, and he just so happens to be the villian in the movie.

  6. I have read some of the reviews, being selective to not try and read any spoiler, and I am glad to hear such great reviews. Even though there have only been 2 showings of the movie, the premiere and the surprise with Nimoy in Texas of all places. I think that the fans at the Texas showing would be the most harsh I mean they were going to see Wrath of Kahn in the theater again, and only see 10 minutes of the new movie. So far I like what I am hearding and I hope to read the comic before the movie.

  7. I am glad to hear that they have such confidence in bringing back the movie franchise. Sometimes I don't like hearing this kind of news before the public has had a chance to give their opinion of the movie with their dollars. I read an article recently about how fast the entertainment news comes out now and that how a lot of it is more about breaking the story first as opposed to checking to see if it is a fact. Remember all those crazy rumors about Johnny Depp playing the Riddler in the next Batman movie? This sounds true though, but I just hope the next movie is not rushed. That could really ruin a sequel.

  8. Going to get Vulcan Soul Part 2, and start reading it this weekend. Lately I have been reading Dune, thanks to a friend who highly recommended it. Since I am close to finishing I want to get back into the Vulcan Soul series and finish it. I noticed that has the manga series for the TOS in a tpb, and it comes with a pull out poster. Sounds like a cool item for those manga readers. Not a huge manga fan, but this looks pretty cool and art work looks awesome.

  9. I watched it several times yesterday, I am excited about the movie. It seems that the movie will have a more serious tone, which is cool with me. Joining Starfleet is now joke man. However, I showed a friend of mine at work the trailer and we were talking about it and my biggest concern, and if I was at Wondercon and saw J.J. Abrams I would have asked, how do you make a prequel when the technology shown in the movie is way ahead of anything shown in the series or the previous movies? I noticed that most of the scenes shown so far have not shown a huge amount of what the bridge and interior of the ship looks like. So I am hoping that there are not too many upgrades like floating touch screens everywhere, and I undesrtand that the special effects will look better, but I am really hoping that the story is really good. Me and my friend decided that if the story is good then the special effects looking better than the other movies will not outshine the movie. I made a prediction that Eric Bana may steal the movie, it looks like he may have a great performance.

  10. It should come as no surprise, but the new Futurama movie has some Star Trek references, like when Lela is holding the leech like creature at the beginning she mentions that they are not as cute as Tribbles. I bet most of us are Futurama fans and have already seen it. I liked the part in Benders Game when George Takei's floating head starship rams Bacula's floating head starship, and he says (If I remember correctly) "Thanks for ruining the franchise!"

  11. I don't know the names of all the episodes but the first two are pretty crucial. I think that the Dominion War was very good and I always liked the two part episode with the TNG cast but of she is not familiar with them then it may not make much sense. Has she seen the movies? At least get her to watch the first 6. With the DVDs there is the encyclopedia stuff that you could show her during certain scenes.

  12. Glad to see some other posts here. I thought that with all of the Star Trek books someone out there has to be reading one of them for the first time, and wants to say something about it. Voyager seems to be the Star Trek series that I have seen the least. Not that I don't like it. But I will take Caretaker as one I could check out after seeing a few more episodes. I just got the Year Four TPB, and can't wait to get into it. Also the TPB Mirror Mirror is on its way.

    I just got an IPhone, and I was checking out some of the Star Trek apps, and there are some Peter David comics availble for only 99 cents. So worth checking out.