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  1. I completely agree. Along those lines, since writing my post, CBS announced a kid-friendly animated series is in development (as you most likely saw reported about 10 days ago). https://trekmovie.com/2019/01/08/breaking-kid-friendly-star-trek-animated-series-in-development-animated-short-treks-coming-this-year/
  2. How are you introducing your kids to Star Trek? How do you teach them about how Trek is different from the millions of other sci-fi/fantasy/action-adventure franchises competing for attention these days? Here is the approach I took if anyone is struggling with these challenges: How I Introduced My Kids to Star Trek
  3. In 1988, years before Star Trek fan films became the latest rage, my brother and I made a mock episode of TOS (with a VHS camcorder!). Now that fan films have become so popular, I decided the time was right to digitize the "movie" and put it on the web for other Star Trek fans to enjoy. "The Search For Spock's Body Parts" is a 20 minute comedy adventure featuring Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Mr. Spock, and some surprising supporting characters. (Warning: if this video were a movie, it probably would be rated PG-13, as it has one profanity and one somewhat racy scene). Before the web, I didn't have a good way to share this video with other Star Trek fans (other than my friends and family). Now I've unleashed it to the world at large on YouTube and Blip.TV -- and I welcome any feedback. In terms of production value, keep in mind that my brother and I made the movie as college students with very primitive equipment and that the version on the web has been digitized from VHS and then compressed for the web; even so, I think Star Trek fans will enjoy the story and the humor. Watch on YouTube (medium quality) http://www.youtube.com/CrunchyFrogComedy Watch on Blip.TV (higher quality) http://crunchyfrogcomedy.blip.tv/ Also, if you enjoy Star Trek humor, then you also may want to check out an audio Star Trek parody I wrote, directed and produced with Shoestring Radio Theatre in the 1990s: "Captain's Log, Accidental" (5MB MP3 file) Plot: The crew of the starship "Exitprise" encounters one obstacle after another while attempting to deliver a vaccine to plague victims in this 12-minute "Star Trek" spoof. If you'd like to listen, you can go to my personal web site and look for the "Captain's Log, Accidental" hyperlink to download the 5MB MP3 file. http://www.emusements.com/randy/Audio/index.html - RP