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  1. happy birthday beagle! :D

  2. Great! Just great! It gave me some very special feelings, and I loved the scene with the dog, shure!
  3. hhhmmmm...I´m still thinking, if I should ask RikerChick for doing me the favour of a pic with me, the cutie little captain´s dog, BUT I still can´t decide if I would like to marry Archer or Vabeachguy. Archer is more.... respectable, but VBG is much, much more SEXY! Now should I choose a husband who´s always far from home? Or the silly guy? Can you give me some helpful hints? For Mrs. Picard: Click for Spoiler: Es MUSS der Opa gewesen sein!
  4. Oh Thanks for the Picard pic, Chick! You made a young girl in Germany very, very happy.... Besides...I am still looking for her husband, the guy beside her MUST be the father/grandfather of the bride..... *runningformylife*
  5. Oooops, I was there and we are No 4 of ALL! Regarding that this is my ONLY board I´m reading and writing, it´s perfect for me!
  6. Wish I wouldn´t have cut my loooong hair, so that I could do some nice and slow headbanging...
  7. Ha! Now the PERFECT wheather is in GERMANY! It´s so rare we have the weather everyone loves, so it´s ok that it´s still here, in my town, around me and my beloved ones! But still a few people keep complaining: Too much sun...hehe, can there be too much of it when you feel a cold breeze and a bit of cold and fresh rain during night? NO! End of story.
  8. OH. Well, I have seen that all Trekkies seem to hate the soft Archer. But I even like him for his prudence (dictionary!) and his courage. I don´t like the idea that he will be such reckless like Kirk always has been. But I LOVE the pics (one is missing) Go on with that!
  9. Well, I´n not surprise in any way..... Vabeachguy has ever been my superhero. B) Sorry, no childhood memories.... does anyone know german songs...? B)
  10. You are my heroines! My goddes of sex-pics! B) B) I have postet a link to one pic in my german forum, I hope this will be ok. If you allow me to, I will post more, they should be shared with the WHOLE WORLD! Well, you don´t need to do an Archer pic, because there are a lot of nacked Bakula pics online... B)
  11. OK, you have asked: ENT TNG VOY TOS DS9 I´m the only one here who thinks like that, but I can live with it! B)
  12. Well, when I was 13, TOS was my favourite (there was nothing else...) then TNG. I still love Brent Spiner, he´s a wonderful actor, like all TNG actors. But since Jonathan Archer is in command, I can´t stop watching ENT and I am impatiently waiting for new episodes! Archer rules! :( The perfect guy would be a man like Archer, as an Android, and with Vabeachguys Hat!
  13. Yes, we had the synchronized version of Quantum Leap, but I never made it to view all episodes, the time for the broadcast changed often and they didn´t showed it in the correct order!!! I have never looked for DVDs... but if there would be a download that I can keep permanent on my harddisc I would even pay for THAT!
  14. Thanks for the compliment! And you german is perfect! Yes, in Germany we have a synchronized version, in the beginning the synchronisation was very bad, they didn´t translated correctly, but better that nothing. After the massive complaining from thousands of fans they do a better job now. But it is still german, and I can not listen to Scott Bakulas sweet voice, sigh. (Thanks again for the "Imagine" song) So I prefer viewing the original version, in english. Believe it or not: When I detected the TNG episodes in english (on sky one from the UK) years ago, I began beeing a Trekkie AND learned much more english than during years of school lessons!
  15. Well, since my last visit in the local cinema and even before, I was thinking about this kind of "view on demand" In Germany we HAVE to pay for the public TV, that is available for everyone, but in the minute you buy a TV, you are forced to pay, even if you don´t like their program! So a lot of people don´t like this system, but you can´t do anything against it! Sometime I watch special shows, like science or educational shows. For them, I am willing to pay. The rest of the programm is still made for old people, no one knows why.... Thanks to one of these stations, we have Star Trek, they began with TOS in the early 70s. Maybe, if it would be a commercial station by that time (there where none in the 70s in Germany), we never would have been able to watch Kirk and Co. So thanks to our public TV, even if they are stupid! Even TNG was shown in the public TV, without advertise! Later, a commercial station bought the show and so we have to view it with advertise, but can view it a bit ealier. (Besides: Star Trek fans had a great influence on that TV policy (regarding Star Trek) Germany has one of the leading fandoms all over the world, after the US, for shure) But on my visit in the cinema, there was a huge advertise poster that says: The Future of cinema! It says that in the future there will be digital Movies! That means you can watch a movie instantly after it is finished, it hasn´t to be copied for the film projector. And another advantage is the quality: Each show is of the same quality, no scratches on the celluloid! That leads to digital TV..... The second aspect that leads to view on demand is that I haven´t seen a single episode of my new favourite series ENT on TV, I downloaded it Why? No, I don´t intend to harm the commercial background of Star Trek, I only can´t wait untill I can see it on TV, in Germany you would have to wait YEARS!!!!!! Our commercial TV station that shows ENT is in the middle of the first season- HELP! So I looked for the latest episodes in some filesharing programs and thanks to them, I can see all episodes that are stored on a computer in a shared folder! I am so happy about that opportunity, maybe I have downloaded an episode from one of you.... thanks for that! BUT: If everyone would do would be the end of the show, I know that. So I would be willing to PAY for each episode IF I can view it at the same time than you guys can! AND I would BUY the DVDs too, for better Quality! The german merchandise is selling ENT episodes on Video since a while, so you could view them a few weeks earlier than in TV, but I will never buy Video cassettes since I own a DVD player..... All these arguments lead to my favourite TV schedule, so PLEASE can anyone tell this Paramont? My TV schedule: First - digital Movie in cinema (if we are talking about a movie) First - digital TV view on demand (if we are talking about an episode) Then - DVD (Movie/TV show) after that - Free TV (commercial) I hope that I am talking about the same thing when I say "view on demand". I am thinking of a downloadable episode without any advertise, that I pay for each time I view the show. I think that this will give the best possible profit to the studio, and will bring SO MUCH NEW customers for them, like ME!!!!! And all over the world! Imagine the possibilities! OK, that leads to a totally commercial selection and new, interesting, but unknown shows will have no chance, but they still can be in the commercial TV and later be put into the View on demand. Sorry, english is NOT my favourite language, but I try!