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  1. Within the last couple of weeks we have heard the testimonies of Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds over the steriod scandel involving the drug company BALCO.


    Jason Giambi admitted to using steriods knowing full well that they were illegal in baseball.Bonds who is in pursuit of Babe Ruth and Hammerin Hank Aaron on the all time home run list admitted to using steriods but didnt know what he was taking was illegal.


    I dont think there is any argument as to wheather or not it is wrong because we all know it is.Its cheating plain and simple. Wheather it be in baseball, football or any other sport its wrong.


    The question is what should be done about it? More immediatly what should be done to Giambi and Bonds? The Yankees are in the process of trying to void Giambi's contract and get out of paying him 84 million over the next 4 years. If it were any other ballclub I would hope it happens but since its the yankees I hope that King George gets stuck with his contract.


    Personally I think Giambi should be drummed from baseball.If Pete Rose gets banned for life for something that actually had no real effect on the game itself then Giambi should get banned for outright cheating.


    They say that Giambi will likely be booed, heckled and generally disrepected for the rest of his playing days. I say he deserves every bit of it.I for one would throw my full cup of pop at him and spit on him if I had the chance. Hes a discrace to the game.


    Thoughts? Opinions?

  2. Click For Spoiler


    Very good episode indeed.I did not expect the Romulans to be behind the Vulcan government but now that I look at it seems all to obvious.I loved Trip in command.He acts and feels like more of a first officer than T'Pol to me, and I, noticing shades of Kirk in him. I would of given this a 9 but I had one gribe and that Archer being able to do the Vulcan neck pinch. I can see him doing the technique right with the help of Surak but the neck pinch requires that strength as well to pinch the nerve.Up until now we have only seen Vulcans and Data because he has great strength do it.I dont buy Surak giving him the strength,Mccoy sure didnt have it.


    Anyway thats just a minor oversight.Manny Cotto is donig a brillant job with this series so far and its always nice to see Jeffery Combs.


    Anyways I give this an 8.5/10. Excellent episode indeed.

  3. Okay, what is AVG?   :frusty:



    It's free antivirus softwear. AVG HOMEPAGE



    I'll comment on this on behalf of our fearless leader: "You mean all antivirus software isn't free?"


    Anyone who knows him will understand that.



    LOL my thoughts exactly.

  4. Around here it's not much of a problem. Of course everyyear we have a tradition in our county regarding Christmas Lights.In the captial(Montesano) practicly every house puts up a lot of light and everybody from all around drive through the town and check them out.They give tours and everything.It happens about a week before Christmas.


    Hmmm thats reminds me, better go out to my grandparents house soon and start setting up the lights.......

  5. You know I've heard alot of people bit...........err complain about the fact that the vulcans on Enterprise are a bit too emotional. Well maybe, just maybe there is an explanation for it. I think that this whole arc with Archer carrying Surak's Katra could lead up to that in the furture.Surak said something about Vulcans straying away from what he wanted.Maybe them being emotional is part of that.Maybe when this is all over they will be like the normal vulcans we are used too.


    Remember people, these aren't the same Vulcans we are used to.



    Agreements,disagreements,other theories?

  6. Click For Spoiler


    Although I too am getting a little tired of the three parters I have enjoyed this one so far. Once again I liked the insight into the vulcan past, very interesting to see that they went through nuclear war.Also liked how once again a human is carrying the Katra of one of the most important Vulcans ever(ie spock in Mccoy).Some people here have talked about the emotional vulcans, I thought the High Command was a little too emotioal, they were too quick to try to blow Enterprise out of the sky.


    I believed I reconized the head Vulcan's voice(can't remember his name at the moment)I know Ive heard it from somewhere, just cant pinpoint from where.


    Anyways good episode gave it a 7.5/10 overall.

  7. using the avant right now, seems pretty good. no complaints yet. so still no one has said, whats the firefox. hows it diff.




    Firefox is different as in its run by a differnent company and has differnet and more built in features.Netscape is what the original browser was in the early 90's.I myself like it alot more than Virus explorer and havent had any problems.



    oh ok, so firefox is more like netscape? or changed to something different now?




    It's more like an evolved version of Netscape.

  8. so was i right about the whole devils in time and god playing a role in his travels?  as i recall there was a evil pair that were doing wrongs and that they wore red uniforms.. and then there was a large cuban lady who said she was sent from god as an angel, and that she was also a righter of wrongs and she was sent to protect Sam(by name) and was able to talk to Al.




    Well I guess it could be interpreted that way.


    The pair you are talking about were in a small arc called the Evil Leapers.They were basicly an evil version of Sam,Al and Ziggy(the hybird computer).They went around putting wrong instead of putting right what once went wrong.


    The large cuban lady was in the episode that was basicly like Miracle on 34th street.She was an angle(or so she claimed) she could see Al and knew who Sam was.Al said it was just because she was crazy and the crazy people can see them for who they really are(like animals and small children).But she gets shot in the episode and doesnt have a scratch on her, so she prolly is an angle.