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  1. I was wondering if you could help me find a film that I remember seeing a long time ago but cannot remember the name.


    It was a 50s sci-fi film and I can remember two shots:

    1. A saucer hovering over a car

    2. People being transported between worlds via large constructed shutes.


    Could anyone tell me the name of this film if they recognise the elements above.


    Many Thanks

    I will have to think about this one to see if a bell rings. :lol:

  2. I rarely open e-mail from unknown senders for that very reason and never run attatchments unless I know the person.


    Just be sure to run your antivirus often and you should be ok.

    But it says " Don't open emails from friends if they have attachments " :lol:

  3. W32/Sobig.f@MM


    A new variant of W32/Sobig, W32/Sobig.f@MM is a High Risk mass-mailing worm. It arrives as an email attachment with a .pif or .scr extension. When run, it infects the host computer, then emails itself (using its own SMTP engine) to harvested email addresses from the victim's machine.

    In addition, when it propagates, the worm "spoofs" the "from: field", using one of the harvested email addresses. So exercise care when opening emails with attachments. An infected email can come from addresses you recognize.


    Because it sends so many emails, a worm like Sobig also saps bandwidth and slows network performance. Worse, it can also open up a user's computer port, making it vulnerable to hackers, who can plant dangerous Trojans. These malicious programs often let unauthorized users remotely take over a system, steal personal information or use the infected PC to send spam.



    It's just been on the news


    Lots of information about this virus here



  4. marssequence_farr_big.jpg


    Mars Through a Small Telescope

    Credit & Copyright: Francisco A. Rodriguez Ramirez (AstroEduca)

    Explanation: How does Mars appear through a small telescope? Viewed with the unaided eye or through a small telescope, possibly the most striking part of Mars' appearance is its red color. The color derives from rust, iron oxide, which composes perhaps 10% of the Martian soil. The oxygen that rusts the surface iron on Mars originates predominantly from carbon dioxide gas, which composes 95% of the Martian atmosphere. Mars nears its closest approach with Earth in nearly 60 millennia on August 27, the red planet continues to appear larger, brighter, and a good target for sky enthusiasts. Pictured above, Mars was captured from the Canary Islands of Spain during three days in three different orientations earlier this month. Visible through the small telescope are white polar caps of water and carbon-dioxide ice, light red areas rich in lightly colored craters, and dark red areas dominated by relatively smooth lowlands.

  5. Humans could be living on the Moon within 20 years, says a leading lunar scientist.


    Daughter of Earth? The Moon was probably once part of our planet

    According to Bernard Foing of the European Space Agency, the technology will soon exist to set up an outpost for visiting astronauts.


    However, political will is needed to inspire the public to support the initiative.


    "We believe that technologically it's possible," the project scientist on Europe's first Moon mission, Smart-1, told BBC News Online.


    "But it will depend in the end on the political will to go and establish a human base for preparing for colonisation of the Moon or to be used as a refuge for the human species."


    Ion drive


    The unmanned Smart-1 craft, which is due to be launched in early September, is flying to the Moon to demonstrate that Europe has the technology for future deep space science missions.


    Its main form of propulsion is an ion engine powered by solar-electrical means rather than conventional chemical fuel.



    The craft will make an x-ray map of the moon

    When it arrives at the Moon, after a 15-month voyage, it will search for water-ice in craters and determine the abundance of minerals on the surface.


    In the process, it will look for landing sites for future lunar exploration such as a sample return mission planned by the US space agency (Nasa) for 2009.


    "The Moon could be used as a test bed for future human missions," says Sarah Dunkin, a leading British scientist on the Smart-1 project.


    "To actually live on another world would be quite a test of technology as well as human physiology. We don't know what the long-term effects of living in a low gravity environment would be."


    Any long term plans to set up a lunar base are bound to rely on international co-operation.


    They could include India and China, two nations which have recently pledged to send astronauts back to the Moon.


    However, under current policy, the UK would not be included because it does not support human space exploration.


    From BBC News Online



    I saw this on BBCworld news yesterday. The craft is solar powered and that's why it will take so long to get there

  6. This is entirely different from MSN Messenger.

    Windows Messenger can be used to send spam popups to people.

    Go....Control Panel....Administrative Tools......Services....and scroll down until you find Messenger.......double click on it and Stop the service.

    We haven't had any problems for 8 months now by doing this. :)