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  1. Forget Barclay. If you want to go the holographic route, we shouldn't have known about it until the very end, after Archer signs the treaty. Then the camera should have panned to a section of the audience consisting of children. As the crowd begins to stand, a teacher begins to lead a group of children out of the auditorium. They're on their way up the stairs, toward an exit, when the teacher turns around and calls out to a young boy who remains where he is, mesmerized. The teacher again calls to the young Kirk/Picard/Sisko, and when she fails to get his attention, she looks up and says, "Computer, end program."


    And if you simply must have the Barclay plot, then he's just playing a role-playing program - again. This time with people who can't report him.


    Oh, and Trip wouldn't have died.


    She says, still not happy with Enterprise's original ending.

  2. Ok, I've had time to think about my opinion of the Enterprise finale, and I'm mad. What a terrible way to end this terrific show! I would demand a re-write but where will that get me? So I want to know how you would have ended the show:


    Would you kill off Trip?

    Would Trip and T'Pol finally admitted their feelings and started their own little Federation?

    Would you have ended with the signing of the charter? Would it have happened six years in the future?

    Would you consider giving a hint of an alliance between Archer and Hoshi?

    Would the Romulans been involved in any way in your finale? How about the Klingons?


    Please, appease me!

  3. I want to add my thanks to the cast, crew, writers, and everyone else who worked on "Enterprise." It was the only show on television that I made an effort to be home to watch. Though I was saddened as I transferred custody of the remote control to my husband after the last "where no man has gone before," I was, well, just saddened. I'm grateful for reruns and DVDs.


    My best to you all!



  4. What it is it with these SW fans lining up in front of the cinema? Are they nuts???



    Many of us prefer the term "fanatic." :laugh: What do we get by standing in line? We get to watch the movie and share the experience with others who are totally absorbed in this epic. I would love to be there and hope I get to see it on the first day.

  5. Wow. For a second week in a row I'm totally floored. This one was so good my three year old Jack Russell Terrier got caught up in it! (No joke! But he likes to watch television. Favorite movie? Jurassic Park-loves the Raptors.)


    I wish there was an award we can give them for this work. Perhaps I'm just dazzled, certainly biased, but I believe these eps will be placed in the top 10 list of best shows that came out of the ST dynasty, certainly in terms of originality.





  6. :dude:


    Highly exceeded my - to be honest, somewhat low - expectations. From the very second tonight's episode started I was hooked. I'm very pleased that once again this show has taken me by surprise. Bravo, bravo! Castmembers, feel free to take a second curtain call.


    Click For Spoiler
    Loved the fact that the first casualty they happened on was a red shirt.


    Ick, what they did to Tucker!

  7. I feel like somewhat of a lone voice at the moment...


    Perhaps I should have waited to vote since I missed the first 15 minutes but I liked what I saw. Kind of campy, reminiscent of the old ST but the tension built up well. I loved the ending, thought that was great - and about time.


    I am going to miss this show!

  8. All through the show I kept thinking to myself how great this episode was - the acting, the interaction between characters both on Andorian and on Enterprise, the plot, the conflict, etc....


    Then the last two minutes happened. Could have lived without that. In all fairness I gave it a 10 anyway.



  9. If you aren't sure whether you've signed or not, PM Dill with your name and he'll be able to check for you.



    Thanks, I appreciate it but I remember signing it.


    Since I'm not a split or multiple personality I started spreading the word to other ST:ENT fans I know in an effort to (hopefully) generate more signatures.


    Thanks to everyone who's working hard to keep this show on the air.

  10. I've read a few of the comments made and have to say that I agree with many things that have already been written. Enterprise is a good show, it's premise terrific, it's storylines often captivating, and the majority of the cast fit our expectations of Enterprise crew members.


    But what is it about Enterprise that draws such devotion? Dozens of shows have had followings, some that even saved their beloved from cancellation like we hope to do with "Enterprise." It may have been said already, so I reiterate, that this show is a part of a legacy, a familiar venue that is loved by people from around the world, recognized by millions and discussed in similar fashion by people of many, many nations who long to explore the final frontier in the same way as the beloved Starfleet crews.


    I hope it is given the chance to develop its true potential and explore those aspects that make the Star Trek dynasty a cultural phenomenon.

  11. I just saw the Sunday evening showing. I tried to watch it Friday night but several family members decided to call and chat during that time. I had to talk to them because I always complain that no one ever calls me, so....I'm turning off my cell phone during the next new episode. Love them, but hey, it's Enterprise


    But I digress. I gave it a 10 because it contains elements that I wanted to see in this series: the origins of relationships, technology and culture that evolved into what we know in TOS and TNG. That and it was a great episode with wonderful actors. And I love this Board, I didn't even know that was T'Pau. Totally missed that.


    Was the vulcan ships similar to Obi-Wan's cruiser in "Clone Wars?"

  12. I've been participating in nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) this month and haven't had time to log on to STFs, though I make sure I watch Enterprise before starting my evening writing session each Friday :unsure:


    Anyway, I've been meaning to post some questions I have about the latest episodes. What is the relationship between this Soong and Data? How many generations separate them? Do the Augments have anything to do with Khan?


    I hope someone decides to write a book expanding on these episodes. I would love to get in-depth details.

  13. ENT was never on Tuesdays for us, it was Weds.


    ST:TNG was on Tuesdays and it was a very good time slot.


    Well we few aren't enough to keep the show going for much longer.

    Eek, I haven't paid a bit of attention to the ratings, I was so happy the show was back on. Can someone give me an update? Thanks!


    On the bright side, just less than four hours to go before the show airs!

  14. Q: What must I do to convince you people?!?

    Worf: Die.

    Q: Oh, very clever, Worf. Eaten any good books lately?" -- (Deja-Q)



    You weren't like that before the beard." -- Q (Deja-Q)



    Picard: I refuse to believe that this is the afterlife, and that you are God. The universe is not so poorly designed!

    Q: Blasphemy! You're lucky I don't strike you down or smite you or something.



    And pretty much everything else that came out of Q's mouth....