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  1. I'd like to see more of the Andorians, not as villians, but just see more of them working within the Federations. They were, after all, one of the founding members. It wasn't until ST:Enterprise that we saw much interaction between the Andorians and Humans. With this new timeline, they could develop the relationship more. Shran was one of my favorite alien characters. It would be fun to see a tie-in with one of his descendants.

  2. This was a few weeks back but did anyone catch Brent Spiner & Armin Shimerman on Leverage (in an ep directed by Jonathan Frakes) - Leverage is a great show btw.


    Connor Trinneer was on an ep of 24 and of Terminator; SCC (I don't know when these things actually aired because I watch tv online)


    Robert Picardo has a scheduled appearance in an upcoming ep of "Castle" - Nathan Fillion fans take note - this is a great role for him.


    Yeh, I saw Connor on 24, too. It kinda saddened me to see him in such a tiny role. :laugh: I mean, here's an actor who had a major role on ENT and a recurring role on SG Atlantis, reduced to such a pitifully small part. ;) I guess you take what you can get, to pay the mortgage.

  3. How Did You First See Enterprise?

    It's Original Run


    What Were Your Thoughts When You First Heard of ENT?

    I Liked The Idea of a Prequel


    After Watching It, Did Your Opion Change?




    Same response for me!


    and me


    Same here.


    And I liked the fact that the Vulcans and Andorians and Humans had to go through a developmental period before something like the Federation could be forrmed.


    Ditto for me!

  4. I loved Proving Ground. This ep showed the depth of Shran's character and his friendship and loyalty to his "pink skin" friend, Archer. Despite his orders, Shran gave Archer what he needed - the info about the Xindi weapon.


    There were two priceless moments in this ep:


    1. The shot of Archer standing before the viewscreen and Shran's antennae appearing above his head. :laugh:


    2. The entire bit about the "Andorian Mining Consortium". :spock:


    PRICELESS! :borg2:

  5. Which captain had the closer the relationship with their friend? This question is hard for me. I love ENT, but my favorite vote has to go to Kirk and Spock. They had a really close friendship. A very very close second place would be Archer and Trip. Both Kirk/Spock and Archer/Trip had a very brother like friendship where they are both willing to die for each other


    Gamera, I couldn't have said it better! :laugh:

  6. You scored as Federation.




    You Are The Federation, You prefer to be alone and learn. You enjoy helping people and know how to talk things up. You would help people into the spotlight before yourself


    Federation 75%


    Vulcan 60%


    Cardassian 55%


    Borg 45%


    Romulan 25%


    Ferengi 20%


    Dominion 20%


    Klingon 15%

  7. I was wondering who out there on the board watches the new ST 2.0, broadcast on the G4 network. Personally I watch every night. To say that I'm hooked is an understatement!


    (Please pardon any errors in the poll. This is my first attempt at creating one.)