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  1. Thanks for this. Yeah, that’s what I kinda figured but it’s helpful to make sure I got it straight.
  2. Thanks. That does clear it up. So Vulcan isn’t destroyed in the Prime timeline where Picard is now taking place...only Romulus is. And Romulus wasn’t destroyed in the Kelvin timeline... however, I do remember hearing some so stuff about how the 2 events (or timelines) are connected and it has something to do with Spok and the events in the Star Trek 2009 film... right?
  3. I think the JJ Abrams films are overly complicated with the timeline stuff. So I think I got some of it, especially after watching a couple YouTube videos. But I’m still a little fuzzy on some stuff, specifically the destruction of Vulcan and Romulus and how that fits into the timeline (a little on how it happened). Can anyone help?