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  1. " WAKE HIM UP BAILIFF!" Judge Sonja Molineaux yells in the courtroom. The baliff walks over and shakes Hangon by the shoulder. " HUH, what?" Hangon blurts out. " SHH." The baliff tells him." The Judge was annoyed by your snoring and yelling something about Elves." Hang says. " Oh sorry your Honor, I was just having a dream." Hangon and Fenriz, sitting at the defendant's table are asked to stand. " In light of the recent attempted escape, there is an additional charge on you two. You do know what you tried to do was foolish?'"She asked them. Hangon and Fenriz both answered " Yes, your Honor." I set your Hearing date for tomorrow at 1:00. I trust there will NOT be another incident like that one, we have extra security planned so resistance would be futile." . She bangs her gavel and the two escapees are taken back to their cell to await their trial.
  2. "Solarwind to Jeanway" "Yes, I'm here." Jeanway answers. "Don't believe them, they are not the Borg." SolarWind tells her. " Who are they then?" Jeanway asks. " They are the Avians." SolarWind relpies. "But, but, but, I thought they were extinguished in the civil war on Xindus in 2033!!" She says. " It appears not Admiral, they have just taken a different form, that of those in Liquidic Space, undetectable to most species." " And How did that happen??" Jeanway asks. "I can't explain it all to you right now but I will when I meet with you again." Solarwind answers. "And when will that be, SW?" Jeanway asks anxiously. " Soon, very soon, there are just a few things I need to find out first. I will let you know." SolarWind answers. "Will ILikeSeven be alright?" Jeanway asks. " Will they return him unharmed?" SolarWind doesn't answer, her com-badge stops working.
  3. Meanwhile, back in the Judges Chambers the phone rings. Judge Sonja answers it. "Hello, this is the Judge." From the reciever a loud screaming voice can be heard, so much she had to hold the phone a foot away from her ear. 'Yes, Mayor Malfunction." She says. "I know Mayor, it just happened so fast." She also said. The Police Scanner on her desk squaks out "WE GOT EM! WE'RE ON OUR WAY BACK NOW." Judge Sonja says to the Mayor in a loud voice. "Did You hear that Mayor? They got them." Mayor Malfunction continued his tyrade on the phone as Judge Sonja pulled out a flask of whiskey from under her robes, took a long swallow, then lit up a cigarette. She leaned back in her chair and put her feet up on the desk, continuing to hold the phone away from her ear and saying an occasional "Yes, Mayor Malfunction, I understand." Then she picked up the remote with her free hand and flipped on 'ENTERPRISE'.
  4. So what are you going to do now, SmartBoy??? You can run but you can't hide.
  5. As Tal begins singing his heart out to the Judge, all attention was on him. He pretended to cry so much during the spilling of his guts, he fell down on the floor and retieved a gun that was taped under a chair for him by his girlfriend who worked in the court house. He began shooting up the court room and everybody ducked, just as Hang and Fen made their escape out the back door. This gave them time to get to the car and head out of the parking lot to the Interstate. Once Tal had been subdued by a small army of police officers who had been in the court room, he was taken back to his cell. An all points bulletin went out over the police frequency to locate and stop the "Candy Catcher". Hang driving like a Maniac and Fen hyper-ventilating beside him they noticed a fleet of Police cars approaching them from the town in the rear view mirrors. Hang pressed his foot to the floor. Sailing down the highway approaching 150 Miles an Hour :( They thought they might make it to the border before they could catch up with them. Unaware they were heading right into a RoadBlock :) When Hang saw up ahead about 20 Police Vehicles blocking the road, it was too late, he had just run over a puncture strip they had layed across the road and all four tires went flat and the car carreened off the side of the Highway into a fish pond. :) ^_^ Before Hang and Fen knew what happened they were surrounded in the water, the car upside down they had come to rest on a large boulder in the pond, which kept them from being fully submerged in the green, smelly water. Before they could get their senses back, the police dragged them both out and threw them in the back of a police cruiser. Not before they all got a shot at them, punching each of them into submission. Sirens blairing, they headed BACK to Roddenberry, down the Interstate. Both guys crying like little girls in the back seat.
  6. Of course there is something after Life as we know it, we don't just disappear. We may not be in plain sight but we are around.
  7. NEWS FLASH!!! The following day, splashed across the front page of the " Roddenberry Gazette" "THREE RODDENBERRY MEN BEING HELD ON ATTEMPTED MURDER CHARGES!!! " THE COURTROOM WAS PACKED, AWAITING THE TRIAL OF HANGON, FENRIZ AND TAL SHIAR.................................................. Standing handcuffed in orange jumpsuits, in front of Judge Sonja Molineaux, the three accused looked terrified. shivering in fear, knowing this Judge was known as "The Hanging Judge" She banged her gavel, the bailif said. "This court in now in session, the Honorable Judge Sonja Molineaux presiding". Everyone sat down and the courtroom became silent. The whole town was there. Just then the double doors at the back of the courtroom opened, a bandage, bruised, cast ridden, figure was pushed down the center aisle in a wheel chair. Then the nurse pushed his wheelchair up to the Plaintiff's table and she sat down next to him. Everyone stared at him, then back at the three defendants standing in front of the bench. A collective "OOOHHHHH" filled the air.
  8. I'll give you a reason Mr. 7! Your a StarFleet Officer. What is going on in your family has nothing to do with that!!! Why doesn't your Father-in-Law like you anyway?HUH?? Does your wife want you? Yes. Is your sister-in-law friendly with you? Yes. So who on this ship doesn't want you? Your a respected member of this crew and you should realize that. Now SHAPE UP!!!!
  9. "Well, Mr.I.L.7, I think you should think about you pregnant wife, first of all. And then I think you should think about where your loyaties lie. As for what's in your mind right now, well, this is a family site, and if they had a smilie slapping another smilies face, I think I'd be using it right now. As for any of your ideas, get them right out of your dirty little mind, I'm here on business, and not 'Monkey Business'. I do have my phaser right here ::pats her side:: and I have no hesitation about using it. So quit trying to make any moves on me, understand Mr. 7??? Now sit down and shut your yap. And stop eyeballing me!!! ::Pushes him back down on the bench::
  10. "Jeanway to SolarWind" SolarWind taps her combadge. "I'm here Admiral" She answers. "Where are you?" Jeanway asks. " Just finishing my shift in Astrometrics." She answers. " I have a request and I need your assistance immediately." Jeanway says. "Your Ready-Room?" SolarWind asks. "Yes." Jeanway answers. "I'm on my way." SolarWind being half Ocompan and half Betazoid posseses superior telepathic abilities. She will be invaluable in detecting any alien presence in or around the ship. Jeanway sits at her desk. Door chimes "Enter" She says. "Admiral." SolarWind says and salutes her. "Sol, we have a problem and I need your assistance." Jeanway begins. "Oh?" Sol says. Jeanway begins to explain. "It appears we have a Saboteur onboard. It or they have enlisted the aide of Lieutenant ILikeSeven. And in his state of mind have found him to be a willing accomplice. I want you to stay in the brig, right in the cell with him at all times and see what you can detect. I want to know anything and everything. Do you think you can do this?" She asks. without hestitation Sol answers. " Right away Admiral. I have been aware of this for sometime now and was wondering when you'd ask for my help." Jeanway smiles and says " Ah, I can always count on you." Sol leaves the ready-Room and goes to the turbo-lift and down to the brig. After she leaves, Jeanway taps her combadge. " Jeanway to Worf." She says. "I'm here Admiral." He answers. "I'm sending SolarWind down to you right now. I want her inside the cell with ILikeseven at all times. "Aye, Admiral, I understand." Worf replies. SolarWind arrives and enters the cell. "What are you doing here?" ILikeSeven asks her. He is aware of her telepathic abilities and scowls at her. He thinks to himself. "This isn't good." She says to him. "I think your right." Then she smiles and sits next to him on the bench.
  11. Judge Sonja Molieaux Presiding.................. Mr. Snuffellufagapallo, how do you plead on your case of "Indecent Exposure? "Guilty, your Honor, with malace and forethought. :blink: The courtroom moans!! " Well, Mr. Snuffellufagapallo, what kind of name is that anyway? The judge asked. It's a cross between a Muppet and a Greek, your honor. Nik answered meekly. "Ah, I can see the resemblance." She said. She continued. "In my 30 years of sitting on this bench I have never seen the likes of you come down the pike before, you are one of a kind Mr. Snuffellufagapallo." Nik said " Thank you your honor, I do try." The Judge bangs her gavel. "Shut up, I'm not finished!" Nik says. "Oh sorry, I thought you were complimenting me." Judge Molieaux replies. "Hardly Sir. Now shut up and listen to me, no more interruptions, you got that Mister???" She says as she shakes her gavel at him. Nik began to sweat and shake, then answered " Yes Sir, uh um, I mean Ma'am." In light of your previous record, Sir, I hereby sentence you to one year in residence at the Church of the Holy Grail Rectory. Under the supervision and tutalage of Reverend Monty Python, and God help you if you cross him, Sir. Take him away Bailiff. The courtroom now empty, the Judge sits at her bench writing. She begins to sniff. "What's that terrible odor Rusty? Can you smell that? " Rusty walks around the room in front of the bench and on the floor he see it. A small, round brown thing on the floor, stinking up all the air on that side of the courtroom. Rusty pulls out his hankerchief and picks it up and gives it a quik whiff, ""AWWKK, Good GOD!" He says loudly. "What is it?" The judge asks. "Right next to Mr. Snuffellufagapallo's chair. Looks like some kind of animal poop. I'll go flush it down the John. Rusty runs out of the courtroom holding his nose. The Judge says to herself. " Where's that can of Lysol Spray???" Meanwhile back in his cell, Nik is laughing to himself.
  12. JUDGE SONJA MOLIEAUX PRESIDING...................... "Ms. Tinadoll! I cannot understand how your decision to move out of Roddenberry Road and into The Town of Roddenberry has any bearing on your case of contempt of court and assaulting a judge with gummy bears!!! That doesn't change anything. I sentence you to 30 days in the County Jail and a fine of $10,000.! She bangs her gavel! "Take her to jail, bailiff! Next Case!!!!! She yells. Bailiff announces: Mr. Nik Snuffellufagapallo!!!
  13. O.K. DOC. Tried twice to get close and both times you blew me off, I won't try a third. :blink: :blink: