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  1. My posts..


    STARTREKFANS..Ranked Nr.6 in the Top Ten with 8541 posts :)


    STARWARSFANS..Ranked Nr.1 in the Top Ten with 874 posts B)


    STARGATEFANS..Ranked Nr. 4 in the Top Ten with 115 posts :(



    I dont post at any other boards. :(

    If i did'nt know you better i would say SPAMMER!!!! ^_^ B)


    just kidding sweetie :kisss:


    I have here at STF 1082 posts.


    At SWF 126 posts.

  2. Seems my name come's from..Son of ivan...viking's...hmmm that would explain my urge to Rape,Pillage and Plunder :)  :(  :(


    :lol: :) I hope Mandy grows up to be nothing like you hun :(


    My last name is Van de Berg....which means in english from the Mountain :( strange because we dont have any mountains in holland :(

  3. My advice to you is to stop being available and making all the plans.


    Let them chase you, make them drive to see you, don't always be available on msn.  Have a life outside of the "boys".


    And if they don't, than they weren't good enough for you anyway.


    Treat yourself with respect, act in a manner that commands respect, and they'll give it.



    Being a guy i agree with MB on that one....The chase is half the fun,i never wanted a girl that was to easy...hard to get is the name of the game ..:sus: ..the ones who keep chase'ing are the ones who are serious :) ...life is not easy and finding the right person is not easy...if it was life wouldnt be very intresting,in time the right guy will come along.....not all us guys are the same :)


    P.s good luck.


    Whahahah i belive it was you who played hard to get when we first meet right hun??

    So i guess i was serious cuz i kept on going till i got you haha


    Finding the right person is trial and error but in the end most people find Mr or Mrs right,best thing is dont look for it..it will find you!!

  4. :) I just tryed some of Mandys baby food....disgusting :sus: ...Mandy would'nt let me near her mouth with it,she looked at me as if to say "why dont you try some daddy then you will understand" :P  :)



    You've never lived! I loved eating my little brother's baby food. Oh, and the biscuits called Rusks are so nice! :sus: I'll show her wants good for her! :)



    Right now I am doing homework but getting distracted by STF.net :P :)


    I have to say that hang is right :hmmm:


    About to make a cup if tea for hang :)

  5. Gonna get in the shower then make myself some breakfast B)....the girls are out with my inlaws...so its time to party B)  B)  B)


    So thats why the house was a mess when i came home from my parents house B)


    Waiting for hangs football kit to dry,he is playing in a competion friday, he has a nice pair of legs i can tell you that B) B)

  6. Orlando Bloom- he has bright blue eyes I just love




    He's a hotty, but he has brown eyes. He only has blue eyes in the LOTR.




    OooOOo Orlando is kind of hot but i like him better with blue eyes :roflmao::clap:


    But Brad pitt is my choice *fans self* :yahoo: