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    I'm a huge Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars fan. I'm currently working on getting my teaching credentials so I can teach history. I also play clarinet and sax in my college bands and I enjoy singing. I like traveling, reading, sports, and airplanes (one of my goals is to learn how to fly) and I'm very active with my church. My favorite Star Trek character is Mr. Spock.
  1. Star Trek TOS has always been and always will be my favorite.
  2. I have to say the Trouble With Tribbles. It's just such a classic episode and Scotty has some great scenes in it.
  3. That would probably have really freaked me out. I pretty sure I would have nightmares about it for awhile. Glad it wasn't my backyard. :(
  4. I'm not old enough to have watched the originals in first run because I'm only 28, but I first started watching when I was in Jr. High the TOS episodes and absolutely fell in love with the series. I've watched other series since then, but that still remains my favorite.
  5. I love coffee. I don't drink it that often, but I really like the stuff. There's nothing that a good trip to Starbucks couldn't cure.
  6. <--------------For obvious reasons I like Spock the best. He's smart, strong and even under that rough exterior you know that he truly cares for his friends. Definitely the one I like the best.
  7. I am Star Trek TOS. That's cool because that's my favorite series
  8. Well if that's not the silliest little thing you have heard of I don't know what is. I'm glad to see that tax payers money is going to good use.
  9. I love the humorous side of things so I have to say Koloth from The trouble with Tribbles
  10. Unfortunately I never got to see the movies in the theater, but I do have them on DVD and have watched them a countless number of times to the point of having the scenes memorized.
  11. No way on this earth. I think those things are evil and I would never even consider touching one.
  12. I don't think that the theme of the episode was prostitution. Women use to go across to areas where there were all men and they would go to get married to them. Sometimes they were called mail order brides.
  13. I really don't think that he should be asked to do that. It's really not fair because he didn't make the mistake, they did.