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  1. With this latest franchise already with 1 season down and first episode of season 2 ......what do you think?
  2. Omg ....so sad
  3. A friend recently make this claim-true or false? :)
  4. Anyone want to discuss this one or just collectively try to forget it happened...??? Once again it started off just fine only without a great Star Trek Moment ( Kirk's Father sacrificing himself so his wife, son & crew would survive)-- was going just fine until we discover one of the "bad guys" is Khan... then it seems the writers ran out of new ideas -- I really didn't enjoy the role reversals and basic new spin on Wrath of Khan ( done badly ). Did anyone else notice the Data like Android on the bridge? Guess we have positronics real early now, along with weapons that can fire while in warp fields. Oh, and as I said years ago-- I kinda like the new sets-- including the chrome speed boat throttle. Only now, the effects of jumping to warp is way way too comic-- like the road runner ..beep..beep... And although the whirlwind transporter effects are better than the 1960s-- they should have stuck with the classic Trek Movie effects of the splitting & separating light beams...
  5. Well the original Khan on TOS episode- didn't run around like a superman commando-- he was played like a Gentleman Prince that was suppose to possess superior intelligence. This new time line suggests they never launched aboard a sleeper-ship the Botany Bay or the Botany Bay had already been located & boarded and it's crew revived. Just another stab at canceling out the old canon- time line. Perhaps the next star trek movie will focus or work on stopping the Voyager Probe before it falls through a warm hole - thus destroying the plot of the original Star Trek The Motion Picture then they can destroy the Planet of Peace or do something with the Great Barrier ( Oh wait, I guess Spock's older half-brother Sybot was killed on Vulcan with 99% of all Vulcans.
  6. I think it would be great if we could have a 506 Reunion June 27th 2013 starting around 3pm and climaxing at 5:06 the goal of course is to set a new record.. this can only be achieved by the support of all members that were here THEN + new members.... what do you think?? and would there be any record of the registered members that were on-line THEN?
  7. Canon is completely out the window... I mean TOS Kirk had an older brother named SAM. I see no way that the sudden time shift could have altered this & there was no subsequent mention of having a brother. The writers in the first movie could have wrote him in as not being on the Kelvin (on Earth under the care of Nannies??) or they could have killed him on-board ( The did neither ) The new version- completely omits SAM. In the original Star Trek-- Kirk's best academy friend was Gary Mitchell, other figures were Mallory, Benjamin Finney and Finnegan. The absence of these can be explained by the change in time, either linear or string-theory. But at this point in the writing there remains no logical explanation for the absence of an older brother. One solution would be to introduce SAM back-in as a half-brother from a different mother. Perhaps even weave a story of Kirk's mother & father never knowing about this child- a product from a old academy fling of his fathers to which the girl never told Kirk of her pregnancy . Our new Kirk would then have to deal with discovering he wasn't his Hero-father's first born.
  8. The only way it would work is with and by the support of Board Management.. They alone can send out mass e-mail's to promote it and remind people when they are needed to log on. We could start with an Announcement, followed up with a Pledge or Sign-UP type RSVP where members could sign up to be reminded-- that way, if people are busy or don't want to participate they wouldn't be bothered further... I'm like you-- I'd need to be reminded myself too. Would be interesting to see/know which members were on line-- then that evening back in 2007 and What threads were hot topics on that date.. I guess the Archives would need to be cracked open. Here's a idea-- Star Trek is always playing with "Time Warps" etc. It would be neat-- if the current board could be saved- then around 3pm or so-- reboot the whole board back to June 2007 for just a couple hours-- then back to the current board after the "Time Warp-Reunion".
  9. Sunset....Shanandoah Valley...a pale mauve sky, green rolling pastures
  10. I have returned. First I got to say..... WOW! I was very surprised and relieved when seeing this long awaited "rebirth" of Star Trek. I'd give it an 8 out of 10 thumbs-up overall( from anyone who's all thumbs). There are several "issues" however. But, generally I was very entertained. It's a very good movie overall. J.J. Abrams is an outstanding movie director/producer. The Casting was also excellent as well. The good points I believe strongly out weight the negatives with this re-screening of (TOS). So, now I'll begin from the first frame. Click for Spoiler: The opening: Wow! the Humanity captured with the birth of J.T. Kirk minutes before the death of his father. And the whole reset of an "alternate reality" James T. Kirk. I was almost in tears.. heck, now that I think of it... I was in tears.. What a great start for a great movie. The external design of U.S.S. Kelvin was 100% meeting with my "approval" and my expectations that the producer would stick with a "classic" look/feel/design of this era starship. lt's too bad- they later got all carried away and made "Enterprise NCC-1701" too sexy, too graceful- heck Pike even claims it's the Star Fleet's "newest Flag Ship"-- Enterprise NCC-1701 wasn't the "flagship" of star fleet until AFTER Kirk's accomplishments. This is a major plot mistake(IMO) just like the Enterprise NX-01- no Fleet Adminal is going to throw the "keys" to their newest most advanced starship to a crew of "rookies" and a rookie Captain and say-- take 'er for a spin! But, I digress. Back to the Beginning. Some one help me here--- Captain James T. Kirk was born in Iowa? per Star Trek Canon? Not on a medical transport escaping the destruction of Star Ship X? Didn't James T. Kirk have an Older brother named-- Sam? Where was he? in this Movie? Wasn't Kirk's Dad suppose to be an Iowa Farmer? not a Star Fleet officer?( This point might be open- I don't recall any Canon reference as to What Kirk's Dad was or not. This is the main(IMO-- Flaw in the "Alternate Time line" plot-- the timeline isn't altered until (1) the destruction of Kirk's Father & that Ship( It's crew & future history) I accept the Altered Time line plot ideal afterward. But since "time" was unaffected prior to this-- certain things must still be respective of TOS like the existence of an "older brother". Click for Spoiler: Ok, on with the critique- the giant Star Fleet Insignia ( Monolith) Title floating in Space.....ahhhh NO. I would have preferred something different. It was simply too--hmmm, reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey p.s. what happened to the spell check feature? Now that I really start to think about it.. was this a "tongue-in-cheek" reference to star trek fans to bow down and worship the Star Trek Monolith-- "like the monkeys & pre-historic cave men in the opening of 2001? Casting: I thought the casting for this movie was excellent except the following: Captain Christopher Pike: Although Bruce Greenwood did an outstanding job portraying the Character-- he's doesn't remotely resemble Jeffery Hunter( original Pike )-- I really wish Ray Liotta could have been obtained/enticed to play this part. Spock: Zackary Quinto was/ is Spock. The resemblance is uncanny. His skill as an actor is excellent. He nailed it. But.... unfortunately from the very beginning.. I kept seeing .... Syler ( Heroes-NBC ) I was wondering if he'd point a finger at someone's forehead and cut open their head. A couple times, you could even see the evil grin. Click for Spoiler: Which was one detracting point from getting into this new Spock Character- the plot concept of this new Spock NOT repressing all emotion but sometimes embracing it-- The change they made where-as Spock doesn't attend the Vulcan Science Academy, but chooses instead to attend Star Fleet, I didn't like that change. But it was "well written" and a nice twist.I don't know if this new formula is in the best interest of our children. It does a nice job of making STAR TREK appeal to the 18-25 age audience. But what message does it send to our children when they( the producers/writers) re-invent Star Fleet Acadamy into a type of "French Foreign Legion" where all the "rejects, rebels, convicts( "the judge said hard time in prision or join Star Fleet" More importantly, the message sent by this new Kirk Character-- attending Star Fleet Acadamy for just 3 years- then suddenly becomes Captain of Star Ship Enterprise! Without the hard-work of raising through the ranks to command a starship. Big have big problems with all that that. James T. Kirk ( Chris Pine ) I really didn't see much resemblance in the beginning- but that was ok as his character would have been altered due to growing up without a bio-dad living with perhaps several step dads. ( Which I think this was done to appeal to more 18-22 year old's( today's generation of movie goers who can better "relate" to this). Click for Spoiler: He nailed the Character in the Ice cave when meeting Spock(old)for the first time...excellent "rip" of William Shatner's Movie Era Kirk! That's were he was definately IN. And again, at the end with his "cocky" manor setting in the Captain's Chair.And the scene with him and Spock turning from the view screen after he "offers assistance" to Nero. Pavel Chekov: Played by Anton Yelchin. No offence intended-- but he's no Chekov.. He just didn't do it for me. All the other cast members really did an outstanding job. I was especially pleased with : Karl Urban ( "Bones" ) he really nailed the character and I really liked finally discovering where the nickname of "Bones" came from!
  11. Capt. Janeway has the right idea. Don't start messing with time travel. I do wish the writers would stop with the whole-- let's use the "change "time"" crutch to write movies.. All is still possible- if Star Trek writers merge the two concepts of time together-- both the linear concept & string theory. Sorta like Light( Both particle and wave properties- simultaneously co-existing). I think they could have written us a Star Trek movie without the need for L. Nimoy or time travel. But, what we got is what we got. We got to live with it. How about the inside shots of the Enterprise? I actually liked the "wide open" industrial look myself for most of the interior scenes.. I especially like they fixed the hallways..( expecially getting rid of the Wood grain panels that was used at the ceiling( at intervals)... and I liked all the piping. though I doubt you could use water to cool anti-matter warp engines.. and kinda strange the NX-01 looks more "advanced" than this-- Hmmm, Enterprise Class???? NCC-1701. Pike did say it was their Newest Starship. ( Which this change is totally Sucky--) But without claiming that-- they'd have to use the old Previous story of a Enterprise undergoing a--REFIT... which would have worked for me. The Bridge... Naa, I would have preferred a dressed up-date of the classic design, maybe minus the funky colors( forerunner to the Orange Marmalade countertops( circ 1970's) kitchens. And where were the Mini-Skirts!!! Ya can't have a TOS Movie without explaining the mini-skirt (female) uniforms!
  12. VaBeachGuy caught this... in the above quoted material, before I could respond- regarding the written plot-- that was on my mind as well. Spock knows there's a federation outpost within walking distance but chooses instead to not attempt to warn Star Fleet or the fed. Instead, stands helpless watching his home world be sucked down the drain... which is also badly conceived 1st with the Moving Delta Vega and 2nd: The size of Vulcan to be seen so large in the Delta Vega sky-- suggests a very Near distance-- like Delta Vega is a Moon of Vulcan! Yet, doesn't get pulled into the black hole along with Vulcan. Yes, I can see the need plot wise as to why a writer would need a creature or two to chase our character ( Kirk) into the "path" of Spock--- but yes, it reminded me of Luke Skywalker on the Planet Hoth... I'm suprised he ( Jim) wasn't knocked unconscious and later seen hanging from the ceiling of the ice cave.... with Spock showing up like Obi-Wan Knoby ...."Use the Force, Jim"... I still liked the whole Spock(old)- Jim(young) encounter-- as I stated before-- up until then Chris Pine was basically just "winging" it with the Kirk character-- it was this initial encounter with the original Spock- where he needed to "introduce" some of William Shatner's mannerism's into the mix-- and he nailed it there in the cave and later on the bridge( at the end ).
  13. worse that a "Kirk eating Monster" that's non-reality based is a "planet/super-nova eating artifically produced black hole which dissipates after consuming it's Plot specified target on the one hand.... yet, will also allow certain spaceships to travel Through and emerge 100+ years in the past in different areas of the same galactic quad of the galaxy. Also, anyone have an issue with Spock making such a silly little mistake-- like mis-calculating the rate of expansion of the super-nova and not saving Romulas in time? Usually he's pretty accurate at that sort of stuff.
  14. I think what it really boils down to is: can you revive a franchise with just box office Movies.. like 2 hours at a whack.. 1 new movie every year. So what's really important is exactly what the actors contracts state? Are they bound to a 1, 2, 3, or 4 Movie deal? Are they free to say-- oh, No thanks-- done that- I'm moving on? Are they obligated to move now to the "small screen"( TV ) and locked into a new series? If the answer is No to all the above-- then this was just a "milking of the cash cow" once again. And there's no real revival at all. Just another bomb dropped on Die hard Trek fans whom have created an entire--- alt reality of Star Trek and take seriously( perhaps TOO seriously ) Star Trek Canon, and respect the continuity of the entire optimistic futuristic vision created by countless writers & contributors over these last 40 years of Trek History. If these new cast members arn't "on board" or decide they want more $$$$ couple extra digits to continue in these roles-- we the fans will just have to get used to more and more "different" recycled Trek. Given't the nature of Hollywood and the Entertainment industry-- actors seldom go from big screen to small screen. And I really don't see how a Trek revival is possible without a NEW weekly installment ( I.E. series ).. I do see now, Wal-Mart & Paramont(Mainly) have got (TOS) on sale on the shelves-- Newly enhanced with newer, bigger, better Visual effects! Even BlueRay versions! Milking the old girl even MORE! Atleast, now the surviving Original cast can see some more $$$$$ in royalites from all this( Besides Nemoy ) He's( Nimoy) is a heck of business man-- more of a Feringi than Vulcan-- now not only is he the only Vulcan to Die and come back, but also has been party to a script that Eliminates all later Vulcan Characters( Besides his Father ) and leaves him as the -- Alpha & Omaga Vulcan! I know, there's about 10,000 survivors-- maybe Tuvoc is among them..
  15. Well now I've just seen Star Trek for the 3rd time-- now at a drive-in!( long story) double feature. Wasn't that 2nd and final monster that chases Jim on Delta Vega( relocated to near Vulcan..Ha..ha) actually the same as the Cloverfield Movie Monster? Sure looks like the same beast -- recycled from J.J. Abrams previous movie. And if Delta Vega was that close to Vulcan ( Size of a Basketball- in the Sky( Spock pictured witnessing the distruction of his homeworld) that would make Delta Vega a Moon of Vulcan. And if the Red Matter that creates a black hole that took care of the super-nova and distroyed Romulas & later used to distroy Vulcan-- how could also have been a 'worm hole' which Nero & Spock were able to pass thru? and why did the "black hole" then seal itself and disapear after doing it's "job"-- they don't generally do that in the "real" universe.
  16. Click for Spoiler: We've discussed it elsewhere but there was no canon proof that Kirk was born in Iowa. He merely says he was from Iowa, which allows for the possibility that He was born on the Kelvin/Medical Shuttle 37 (he wouldn't have been born on the shuttle if the Narada hadn't come back in time). Since the Kelvin was in deep space, it's unlikely Kirk was born in Iowa in the prime timeline anyway. So, in all likelihood, Kirk was born on the U.S.S. Kelvin in the prime timeline. As for George Kirk, we never had any canon that suggested what his job was...'til now. George Kirk was first officer of the U.S.S. Kelvin. As for George Samuel Kirk, they did cast an actor in the role and he does appear in the film (but not as George Samuel Kirk). The majority of his scenes were cut, so they decided to redub the corvette scene so that young Kirk said "Johnny". The actor is older than the young Kirk actor, so they had planned to make him the older brother. As for where he was, I think it can be assumed he was not on the Kelvin, and was likely staying with family elsewhere. Click for Spoiler: Uh, don't know where you're getting this whole "French Foreign Legion" thing. Kirk is the only character who could possibly be considered a reject or rebel (and there's nothing in the movie about convicts) and Pike only wants him because he's seen his aptitude test (so they won't just take anyone) and because he knew Kirk's father and saw the same instincts in Kirk. As for his rapid rise, there are some extenuating circumstances. I mean, Starfleet just lost seven ships, full of both cadets and qualified officers (also, a number of Enterprise crew members including the Chief Engineer and the Chief Medical Officer), so a lot of people are going to have their careers accelerated. Let's also not forget that Kirk did just save Earth, and the entire Federation. That's interesting that Kirk's big brother Sam was originally suppose to be in this movie but got his scenes cut and left on the editing room floor-- were did you find this information? I'd like to read all about that. I made the connection/comparison to the "French Foreign Legion" because Click for Spoiler: 1) Jim Kirk getting into trouble and looking like his future (on Earth/Iowa) as Pike pointed out-- he'd probably be the only Genius In Jail/Prison and that Pike challenged him to do better than his father! This all too is an alteration to TOS canon-- In "The Managerie" part 1 & 2 Kirk claimed to have never meet Pike in Person but was aware of his Starfleet Service record. The original Kirk's"personal hero" was Fleet Captain Garth- "who's exploits are still required reading at the Acadamy"( Whom Gods Destory ) one of his most influential professors is Historian John Gill ( Where is he in the movie ) and where is his buddy-- Gary Mitchell ? 2) "Bones" states that his wife got everything in the divorce- leaving him with just his "Bones"- and had no place to go- so he joined Star Fleet. (3) Spock chooses Star Fleet because his own race practices "species discrimination" and considers his "human half" a "handicap"-- so instead of attending the Vulcan "ivy league" he chooses to attend the lowly "Star Fleet Acadamy" (UC-Berkeley-- 24th Century) instead. It's based on the French Foreign Legion's history of being where mis-fits, convicts, homeless out-casts make up their ranks. I understand there are "extenuating circumstances"-- but at the most these cedets might get commendations( Medals) Points in there Service record, maybe graduate the Acadamy a year early, as for Kirk-- maybe skip the rank of Ensign and go straight to Lt. or even Lt. Commander? but straight to the big chair? No-- little too "EASY" Instead of the ending we got-- wouldn't it have been more realistic to see something like above-- and have Kirk promise that when he did get his own command-- he'd request all the "gang"- or put the "band back together'-- then Spock would have had an interesting few lines-- and we could have watched Captain Pike set off toward Talos Star system with a female #1( new First Officer ), Spock could be Science Officer and we'd have a great 'set up' for a next movie-- Lt. Kirk on the Republic or maybe Farrugut. And Spock(Prime) working behind the scenes to steer all these characters/individuals back together again. Since Spock (Original) still has the knowledge of how to "fly around the sun" and take the Enterprise back in time--- Vulcan can be saved the same way the whales were saved in (Voyage Home)-- Just go back in time-- and beat Nero to Vulcan and "undo" what was done. See-- here's more Plot for 2nd Movie.
  17. Moving along... Click for Spoiler: Ok, J. T. Kirk grows up a Rebel without his biological father there. I guess, that's an ok twist- the original didn't deal very much about that in any of Kirk's "back-story"-- except the missing older brother Sam? But that's just 1 episode of TOS. Still not a major problem IMO. Guess the writers wanted a James Dean/ Tom Cruise(Top Gun) type to make this younger Kirk more appealing to the younger audiences.... OK. Click for Spoiler: Starships being built in the middle of Iowa Cornfields-- I got to first say- the very first "trailers" for this movie were very misleading-- with the scenes of NCC-1701 under construction... was cool/ the mis-direction was nice too. And the visual of the building of starships on the surface was nice... but, can't really be explained considering we saw Enterprise NX-01 being built in orbit and that was like how many years prior to conception of the Federation? And also, the idea that anyone would have a working 1960's(1963) Corvette that's 300 years old-- very hard to believe it wouldn't have been in a Museum. Click for Spoiler: The more I think about this movie, the more angry I get.. Kirk dropping 1 year of the Acadamy and then skipping the ranks of Ensign, Lt, Lt.Commander, Commander and becoming Captain of Enterprise is just too much... gone is Kirks whole service aboard the Republic, and Farragut. It really makes Star Fleet look like a joke. Yes, nice to quickly put all the major characters together...but that was reduculous. Entertaining yes.. but really.
  18. It's still here, when you write a post look for this button in the upper right corner of the posting box (above the area where you type your post). This spell check feature does require that you download it, but it's free and once it's installed it will work not only on STF but anywhere around the internet as well. At least it's part of my Internet Explorer anyway. Hmmm, that button is missing on my interface, I'm using firefox. The edit feature disappears after 24hrs? I made a mistake above-- original Spock never attended Vulcan Science Academy- so there's no canon change there. But thanks for letting me know.... where do you download it from? maybe that's why it's missing.
  19. Why are hot dogs sold in packages of 10, and buns sold in packages of 8? Why do people park on driveways and drive on parkways?
  20. Thank you for your kind words. I've all Star Trek on DVD, but I don't rip it. I've download the series, for music videos. Therefore I don't had a choice for 4:3 or 16:9. Luckily the program I use keeps the resolutions the same. I shall look into the encoder thing, but It's MP4. the Fade out, and fade in is one of the most strong transitions. I don't use any other, yeah also.. the use of no transistion, even stronger. (i've more videos at Final Frontier Media. Just take a look and let me know. I've recently a new music video. I tried to use slow-motion. It's called sorrow. Let me know what you think of it, very much appreciated. you should consider ripping from your DVD collection for that very reason-- all your video stock will be of same resolution/quality then. Plus, the new Premiere Pro 2 allows for editing native mpeg-2 format now. So, all you need to do with your .vob clips is run them through a mpeg encoder and convert them to stripped down .mpg format and then you're ready to start editing with it. Gone are the days of having to convert to .avi before you could edit. There's also a program called-- GSPOT it's a codec appliance which is very handy that will tell you everything you need to know about your "downloaded" video clips- such as exact frame size- resolution, framerate, that way you can sort out all the different clips and can avoid a lot of techno issues of mixing different video.
  21. Excellent Video- Loved the music-- perfect fit. The slow cross-fades were excellent- The titles were a little "dead"-- have you considered AfterEffects? Still very well done though. some noise there in a couple transitions but still a great video
  22. That was very nicely done-- good choices made there-- good music/mood. Nice Video. A few technical details--I've "grown" some from my first early venture into the digital era of video. I've found some new tools that can help a lot. Your video mixes 16x9 WS and 4:3 video resolutions. But, these are difficult to covert to same.( guess you don't own a key to any Paramont Vaults either-aye ) Some of your 4:3 video shows back border on the left and right edges. This can be fixed using TMPG MPEG encoder or any other video encoder of choice. I liked the [dip to black] nice choice for many of those transitions. Are you using Premiere Pro? It's good that you didn't get too carried away throwing every different transition plugin at the video---minimal is the true mark of a professional. Well Done over all. And a very nice "feeling" to it too.
  23. Anyone know where I can find any nicely created custom 'fronts' or 'covers' for my Enterprise DVD Collection- the originals don't scan very well(too reflective). Right now, I'm desperate for Season 3 disc 3- I've found a DVD Case cover- just need a disc face(label). Any help would be appreciated.
  24. Anyone know where I can find any nicely created custom 'fronts' or 'covers' for my Enterprise DVD Collection- the originals don't scan very well(too reflective). Right now, I'm desperate for Season 3 disc 3- I've found a DVD Case cover- just need a disc face(label). Any help would be appreciated.