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  1. "the virginian" (1997) by neko case
  2. newsradio, "big day" (1995)
  3. berry lemonade-flavoured jones soda
  4. "heaven street" (1998) by death in june
  5. i just realised this the other day because their fb changed to "remembering..."
  6. along with soviet visuals, pravda media has been a new online store i have been following lately. recently, their FB account posted this news: source: Pravda Media - Posts while i haven't found any news stories on their current predicament just yet, they have set up a donorbox page to help with legal costs. still, i am at a loss as to why their business account has been frozen? has anyone else heard about this?
  7. uncertain - Daughter Drowning In The Black River
  8. does anyone watch fishcenter live? it plays on weekdays at 4 pm est/9 pm gmt on the adultswim.com livestream or you can watch the older episodes here. i only started watching a few weeks ago but it's already one of my all-time favorites. fwiw, also, my favorite fish is hamburger. Source: FishCenter Live - Wikipedia
  9. Bizarro novel about every Shatner character sucked into reality to hunt down William Shatner William Shatner? William Shatner. William Shatner! Buy Shatnerquake Source: Boing Boing Has anyone read this novel yet? :P
  10. Source: Drop: Minecraft creator's latest game is a typing tutor (or seems like one) Notch, who co-created Minecraft, has new game out that tests your typing skills. My highest score so far is 400.
  11. Would second-person prose be the dominant form in the 24th century with the popularity of holonovels?
  12. Yeah, granted. I should have said "narrative" instead. I guess you could argue that holonovels are the descendant of text-adventure games like Zork. Irritating at first. It takes a while to get used to. I've found "Halting State" by Charles Stross to be quite good after that. Yeah, I was just thinking what the transition would be like between the age of holodecks to the alternate 31st Century Archer encountered in the two-parter "Shockwave". From holonovels that had you as the main character to having to regress technologically. Except: Did Daniels ever say whether the destruction of humanity was a gradual process or something much quicker? Either way, the first-person and third- will probably continue to reign since it's not like all of literature got lost in World War III and the Eugenics Wars.
  13. Which of these two characters did you like more? They were both astral traders... Starfleet probably didn't take kindly to Cyrano Jone's tribbles... Neither to Mudd (In Your Eye... )... What's your opinion? Click For Spoiler
  14. Pre-order the map here: Quantum Mechanix io9's article/interview with writer Jane Espenson and scientific advisor Kevin Grazier: Detailed Map Of Battlestar Galactica's Twelve Colonies by Charlie Jane Anders I didn't honestly think Ron or David would ever use this info, it'd be distracting as hell to try to explain it, but like your math professor used to say, I included it "for completeness sake". I know that Caprica was going to show us the twelve colonies growing closer together. Would we have dealt with the challenges of having four different stellar systems coming together? Jane: Probably not. This was clearly a stable system, taken for granted by the people who lived there. It doesn't immediately suggest an emotionally-charged story to me. At least we didn't have anything planned along these lines.
  15. Does anyone remember Space: 1999?
  16. Source: io9
  17. According to the official Caprica Facebook page, the "final five" (granted the joke is old) episodes of Caprica will air on Syfy at 6 PM through to 11 PM EST/PST on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011. Here's the Facebook Event page for those interested in attending (and have a Facebook account as well): Facebook | Caprica Season 1.5 - The Final Five Episodes.
  18. Source: Happy 70th Birthday, Terry Gilliam!
  19. I am the law!
  20. Lol! Yeah! Make it so! I also vote "Spearhead from Space".
  21. Source: CACTUSQUID.com It's fun but at the times frustrating. You'll see what I mean.