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  1. a friend @BoomerNiner tweeted this but what's everyone's thoughts on the possibility of a dax symbiont in star trek: discovery?
  2. happy birthday thedaxsymbiont! they turn 39 today
  3. happy birthday healer t'lynne! :D

  4. happy birthday healer t'lynne! they turn 57 today :)
  5. happy birthday angeloml! :D

  6. happy birthday angeloml! they turn 34 today
  7. Source: The HHG Project I know I already posted this about five years ago but I thought it wouldn't hurt to re-post it with new code and so forth so... Share and Enjoy!
  8. StokerCon UK Thursday, 16 April 2020 to Sunday, 19 April 2020 at the Royal and Grand Hotels in Scarborough, United Kingdom. Guest of Honour: Mick Garris, Grady Hendrix, Kim Newman; Publisher Guest of Honour: Gillian Redfearn; Special Guest: Robert Lloyd-Parry; Mistress of Ceremonies: A. K. Benedict
  9. happy birthday doc niel! they turn 47 today :)
  10. happy birthday chakotay! :D

  11. happy birthday chakotay! they turn 66 today
  12. happy birthday ussvaliant_co! they turn 40 today
  13. happy birthday ussvwbeetle! they turn 29 today :)
  14. happy birthday nighttrain! they turn 53 today
  15. happy birthday "q"! :D

  16. happy birthday "q"! they turn 42 today :)
  17. happy birthday -q-! :D

  18. happy birthday -q-! they turn 32 today
  19. happy birthday tina! :D

  20. happy birthday tina! they turn 39 today
  21. happy birthday storm! they turn 53 today :)
  22. happy birthday adm. stickler! :D

  23. happy birthday adm. stickler! they turn 31 today
  24. source: locus https://locusmag.com/2019/10/harold-bloom-1930-2019/