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  1. OMG! Can't believe you guys posted for me.... Missed you
  2. you are banned for being here forever
  3. Tonight - Smashing pumpkins
  4. ^ banned for being the newest post
  5. you are aware of the name of this site? lol
  6. ^ banned for giving me false hope. It was a worse on of them days....
  7. YUS please!!!!
  8. ^ banned for making me smile and making my day sigh its been one of THOSE days
  9. ^ banned for being nice to me
  10. You'll never walk alone
  11. Dominos pizza
  12. ^ banned for thinking I work hard, I work lots!
  13. Happy 99th Birthday Kor! Hope its a good one. BTW: So you are a Vulcan with a Klingon name? I suppose Klingons can live that long too