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  1. At my age I still wonder from time to time if the old trek flame isn't dimming just a little. It's been quite a while since I've logged on and when I've looked in the past not much seems to be happening. Has it really been about ten years since I've first logged on here, back in those heady days of when Star Trek still ruled a good measure of the airwaves? Back when this site had an almost 24/7 feel to it? I may be an old trekker but I still enjoy making Star Trek a part of my everyday life. Such things as calling freeways warp corridors, telling the convenience store attendant that I need 15 gallons of anti-matter instead of gas. Decorating my work studio with all Trek memorabilia and throwing a bit of technobabble into everyday conversation. Being an audio engineer I can get away with it especially if I have to track down a stray audio signal, slap-back or signal flow path. It's interesting to hear my clients reaction when I say to them I have to realign the plasma flow to the ISDN unit so I can reverse the polarity to the data stream safely in the foldback audio circuit so they can hear you clearly. I still make Trek fun, first and foremost. But as I started to say at the top, as much fun as Star Trek has and continues to be, I find that the enthusiasm just doesn't have quite the same flavor as before. I still immerse myself in Trek canon, play my star trek computer games and read the New Frontier series (you should too, by the way) and am pleased that the new movies did better than I could have hoped for but I find myself more now willing to see a younger generation catch on and carry the torch a bit. Star Trek will remain a part of me and I'll still be coming here from time to time, more so in the foreseeable future, but I don't know how much more I can add to the already complete, incredible universe that is Star Trek and it adherents. I'm glad to see the site is still here so I'll be back more often again even if it's just to see if any other of us older trekkers are still around.
  2. I recently purchased a copy of Star Trek Legacy for $5.00 at a garage sale (a deal I couldn't pass up), and even though the reviews were terrible and there are a number of issues with the game, I'm still having a blast playing it. I'm wondering if any one else here has played this game and might have a few hints that are not covered by the walkthroughs I've downloaded. Also, I'm looking to supplement my collection of Star Trek items and am interested in purchasing any Star Trek PC games that anyone is willing to sell, especially Elite Force 1. If anyone reading this has any PC games they are willing to part with, please send me a message through this site. Being an older generation Trekker, I'm going to need something to keep me occupied in the old age home someday and having the nurses dress as Orion slave girls might be difficult at best. If anyone is interested, hailing frequencies are open.
  3. 7 years? Where has all the time gone? And it seems I'm quite late to the party. It's not too late for Ponn Far yet, is it?
  4. The Youtube police (their own version of the Obsidian Order) may have removed the Voyager episodes from their site but Chromalais has saved the day, somewhat. Her channels on you tube have been removed but if you click on the "Channels" icon and type in "lastchromalais", you'll be taken to the last channel she has left. On the left side of the screen, you'll find a link that once you click, you be taken to a russian web site that she uploaded all that was previously on you tube. She seems quite persistent in spreading the trek gospel as best she can so if you still care to see episodes from any of the Voyager years, this looks like a safe bet. All hail Chromalais for her efforts. For those just wishing to go directly to the site, here's the link. http://video.mail.ru/mail/voyager_startrek/1/ Let's see how long this last, shall we?
  5. To Bellamorte, Sentra, Willgirl and Krothos. We are all one year more today. WOO HOO!! As Aquarians, we need to stick together so happy birthday to the aforementioned members. We may be the most amount of members here born on the same day. Can we check on that? Perhaps we need to apply as a separate species and demand a place on the council! Anyway, bloodwine for all at 5:00.
  6. Sorry to say but it seems that You Tube has removed all of the Voyager series that was uploaded by Chromalais. No reason given but I suspect it has something to do with copyrights again and the desire of Paramount that nothing shall be free, especially if they own it. Or is it CBS now that owns all things Trek? Strange, as I scan the site, that I see many other Trek episodes from all the series' from other posters uploaded for viewing. Why remove Voyager? May Cardasian voles plague all the execs who made this bad call. And I was up to year 5, too. Shame.
  7. During the last ST convention in Vegas, Robert O Reilly and J. G. Hertzler, in full Klingon mode perform a rap on stage. Glad to see they're not taking this all too seriously. Worth a watch. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dOgQaFN-nk...feature=related
  8. I still have this episode on tape. It's definitely in that top ten of TOS but what I like more about it is that Manny Coto was able to use this episode to create a "What Happened to it" episode in the final year of Enterprise. It was a great tie in and continuation of the ST universe.
  9. It seems that each incarnation of Star Trek, from the TV series to the movies, all have their own signature Federation transporter visual special FX. I'm sure this was intentional to give each series or movies a frame of reference in the timeline to indicate advances in the technology or the special FX team just did it because they could. Either one is plausible but after watching a few episodes of each of the series and all of the movies, I've come to the conclusion that the Voyager transporter FX were the best. TOS transporter FX were pretty cheesy but it was pretty darn good considering the time that it was made. The first Start Trek movie FX were good but I really didn't care for that strange kalaidascope effect. Enterprise's was interesting with all the molecules condensing into a single point and emerging from the same and DS9's were supposed to be Cardassian in origin so I couldn't really count that one but Voyager's seemed the most advanced of them all. I always like the way the person or object materialized from a single point with the energy of the beam stretching into the vertical in both directions to re-integrate or dissolve what was being transported. I'm sure there are other opinions on this. What say you?
  10. According to your profile you're a year younger than the show, I'm 2 months and 10 days older than it Geez, thanks guys. Now I really feel old. When TNG arrived, I was three years into my marriage with a 1.5 year old daughter. You "Utes" are not helping :(
  11. No Items this year. I already bought the movie back in Nov.
  12. An octopus with a bit of a hoarding instinct, interesting.
  13. The Defiant was the MEANEST ship in the fleet, imo. Fast and agile with the hardest punch of any ship twice it's size. A warship in every sense of the word, designed for only one thing really, to fight against the Borg. A Federation "Bird of Prey". In any battle I would want the Defiant at the head of the fleet. But the Federation is not a conquering empire and it's ships are mainly designed for exploration. In that sense, the Voyager is my real choice for the best ship in the trek series. So ironically, the little Defiant is the Federation's "big stick".
  14. Well, even a bad series, like this one, will still have life today with all the re-imagining and remakes being done. Perhaps they can actually it work this time, but I'm not going to hold my breath hoping. We have a saying in the recording industry, Garbage in, garbage out. In other words, you can't make that silk purse out of this sows ear. This series was truly bad.
  15. I grew up in the midwest and crabs were not part of our menu. Hard to find any in Lake Michigan. Plus crabs are a member of the arachnid family and I refuse to eat arachnids, in any shape or form. It may be seafood but my brain keeps telling me "sea insect". So no, I don't eat crabs.