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  1. Star Trek wise I just finished both Homecoming and the Farther Shore and enjoyed it and now I am working on both parts of Daedalus. Before Homecoming I read for the Star Trek book club "The Kobayashi Maru". I just got "promoted" to being a co-moderator at the Yahoo! group Star Trek Reading Group. If you are into reading the books, here is the link: and here's the link to the sister site At the Star Trek Books groups, Keith R. A. Candido and Dayton Ward posts kind of frequently, and Jackie Bundy, boo reviewer of one of the main Star Trek websites (I appologize for not remembering which one---I am typing this at about 3:45 am---I had a rough night sleeping) is the owner of the group. Non-Trek books I have read in the past month are: The Labours of Hercules---Agatha Christie The Currious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time The Art of Mending---Elizabeth Berg One for the Money---Janet Evanovitch Bubbles Unbound---Sarah Strohmeyer The Secret Life of Bees---Sue Monk Kidd Judy
  2. Not only do I get chronic hayfever, for the last three years, I tried to stop taking my hayfever pills when the first frost came, because usually I will not have any problems during the winter since I live in the Chicago area, but no luck. So I have been taking my Zyrtec all year round! :) Aurora
  3. Have we started yet? Aurora
  4. I am willing to be either one. I have some experience in both. Aurora
  5. I had to get up to use the washroom at about 4:30 today, and mom fell asleep watching tv, and I thought that she had one of the Dish music stations on. When I got out of the washroom, there was a message saying that for the time being, Dish had no choice but to drop CBS, UPN, Nicolodeon, Comedy Central and a few other stations because Viacom raised their prices for satellite and cable channels to carry them. 4 of the shows I watch on a weekly basis are on those channels---Enterprise is the obvious one, but on CBS I like to watch Navy NCIS, Joan of Arcadia and JAG. And my nieces and nephews are going to be mad about us not being able to get Nicolodeon. I never watched Comedy Central, so that is no biggie, but I do not know what other channels Viacom owns. As soon as I find out the address for Dish, I am going to be writing one nasty letter, but I won't be surprised if it doesn't do a thing. I have a tv in my bedroom that is not hooked up to satellite, but CBS comes in extremely snowy, and UPN is a close second. We do have a tv in the kitchen, but same results for CBS, and it only goes up to channel 13, so no alternative tvs to watch them on. Do they still make Sony Watchmans, and if so, how much? Thanks for your help! Aurora :) who feels like doing this :) and this :( to Dish!!!
  6. I got to level four on my first try. If you want something that looks and plays like original Pong, click here: I do not know why the Brits calls it Ping instead of Pong. I have yet to win a game, but I have had a lot of long rounds. I found it while roaming the Doctor Who pages. Aurora
  7. (The) Yellow Rose of Texas :vbg2:
  8. moisture
  9. Nell
  10. I'm willing to play! Aurora
  11. I'm game, but I hardly know anything about Ezri. The local station that carried DS9 is also the station that carries the Cubs, White Sox and Bulls games. At that time, if a game pre-empted DS9, unless they decided to repeat it later on, they didn't repeat it at all. Someone in programming got smarter as the years went by, the do repeat it the same weekend. For Andromeday now, they air it at 4pm Saturdays and 11:30pm on Sundays. Aurora
  12. I'm willing. What positions are still available? Aurora
  13. Sacred Time Ursula Hegi Aurora :pepsi:
  14. I believe that Everlasting Love was done by Bobbie Vinton Killing Me Softly was also done by Roberta Flack Under The Boardwalk was done by The Drifters, I think. Early Morning Strangers Barry Manilow Aurora :huh:
  15. RPG stands for Role Playing Game Aurora :huh: