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6 Things to Know About "The Xindi"

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"The Xindi" episode of Star Trek: Enterprise first aired on September 10, 2003... or 15 years ago today. While you wrap your mind around that fact, will mark the occasion by sharing 6 Things to Know About "The Xindi."

One of Three

Star Trek: Enterprise "The Xindi"

"The Xindi" was the first episode of Enterprise's third season. Allan Kroeker, a veteran Trek helmer, directed the installment, which was witten by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga.

We Can Hardly Breathe

Star Trek: Enterprise "The Xindi"

Our favorite line here is a simple one. Down on the mining planet, Captain Archer advises Malcolm Reed... "Try not to breathe." Scott Bakula delivered it perfectly.

Smart Recycling

Star Trek: Enterprise "The Xindi"

Do those Xindi-Reptilian uniforms seem familiar to you? If so, that's because the Enterprise costume department tweaked some old Reman costumes from Star Trek Nemesis by introducing some metal coils to the shoulders.

T'Pol, New & Different

Star Trek: Enterprise T'Pol

Jolene Blalock's Vulcan character got a bit of an update when season three kicked off. Her eyebrows now arc upward. And she's suddenly wearing civvies. T'Pol leaving the Vulcan High Command explains the costume change, but we're still not sure about those eyebrows.

Getting Expansive

Star Trek: Enterprise "The Expanse"

The J.M. Dillard novel The Expanse was released on October 7, 2003. It was actually a novelization of the season-two finale, "The Expanse," and "The Xindi."

Meet the MACOs

Star Trek: Enterprise Major Hayes

Enterprise fans made the acquaintance of several Military Assault Command Operations soldiers, or MACOs -- and the recurring actors who portrayed them. And several of those actors had played or went on to play assorted characters in other Trek projects. Daniel Dae Kim, who portrayed Corporal D. Chang, was Gotana-Retz in the Voyager hour, "Blink of an Eye." Marco Sanchez was Corporal M. Romero in "The Xindi" and a torpedo security officer in Star Trek Into Darkness. Then there's Nathan Anderson, who made the leap from guest starring as Namon in the Voyager entry, "Nemesis" to recurring as MACO Sergeant N. Kemper. And, lastly, Steven Culp had his scenes from Star Trek Nemesis cut, but he made the grade as Major Hayes in "The Xindi" and four other Enterprise episodes.

And what do YOU remember most about "The Xindi"?

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