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7 Things to Look Forward to at STLV

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Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 is just around the corner, set to be held August 1-6 at the Rio Suites Hotel. More than 140 Trek celebrities will be in the house, as will thousands of fans who’ll be reuniting with old friends or making new ones. Creation Entertainment has loads of events and activities ready to keep fans entertained all weekend long. will be on site the entire time, live tweeting and posting recaps each day. In the meantime, we’re pleased to share Seven Things We’re Most Looking Forward to at STLV

Discovery Cast

Season two of Star Trek: Discovery is in production now, but pretty much the entire cast, plus actors from season one, will be flying in from Toronto to join the fun in Vegas. Among those making the, pardon the pun, trek are:

Discovery cast

Discovery cast

Discovery cast

Discovery cast

Discovery cast

All of the actors will participate in panels on Saturday and Sunday, and will be available for autographs and photo ops.

The Nevada Pops Orchestra Star Trek: Concert Live

Dennis McCarthy, Jeff Russo and Michael Giacchino

The Nevada Pops Orchestra will perform at the Saturday Evening Gala Celebration, with Maestro Richard McGee once again conducting 45 talented members through a night of memorable Star Trek music. Creation will also welcome three special guest conductors: Michael Giacchino, leading the orchestra performing his Star Trek Into Darkness and Beyond Suites; Jeff Russo, conducting the world premiere orchestral performance of his score for Star Trek: Discovery; and Dennis McCarthy, conducting The Deep Space Nine Suite.

Deep Space Nine Reunion

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and STLV will celebrate the occasion all weekend long. Most of the DS9 main and recurring cast will be in Vegas, including:

Deep Space Nine cast

Deep Space Nine castDeep Space Nine castDeep Space Nine castProducer/writer Ira Steven Behr and many DS9 guest stars, will participate in panels throughout the weekend and will be available for autographs and photo shoots.

DS9 Documentary, What We Left Behind

Look for several of the actors posing for photos in costume and/or makeup as their familiar characters, as well as a special panel devoted to the upcoming documentary, What We Left Behind.

The Discovery Mirror Universe Experience

Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe Experience

Fans can soak in the sounds and sights of the fully immersive Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe Experience, where the Terran Empire comes to life. Be sure to check out Mirror Burnham and Georgiou Qo'noS costumes, Mirror Universe weaponry, production photos and more.

Emperor Georgiou’s throne Photo Opportunity

And, don’t forget to enjoy a free photo op on Emperor Georgiou’s throne.

Photo Ops


The Promenade hallways around the STLV event space will be filled with photo ops – most of them free -- that fans can enjoy all weekend. There will be a super-cool new op: the Star Trek: Discovery Agonizer Booth. Suffer… and share it with all your friends!

Familiar favorites include:

Borg Regeneration Chamber

Borg Regeneration Chambers

Guardian of Forever

"Guardian of Forever" 

Quark's Bar

Quark's Bar

Star Trek Ten Forward

Ten-Forward Replica

TOS Bridge

The Original Series Bridge 

TOS Transporter

The Original Series Transporter

CBS All Access Stage

Star Trek Trivia Tournament

A big hit upon its introduction last year, the CBS All Access Stage will offer intimate conversations with authors, cosplayers, licensees, scientists, astronauts, a museum curator and more, as well as cosplayer gatherings/photo ops, trivia tournaments, a live podcast (with Aron Eisenberg and Garrett Wang), a repeat of the popular Big KHAAAAAAAAN-Test and more.


Star Trek Las Vegas Cosplay

Thousands of fans will pull out all the stops and show off their amazing cosplaying skills during STLV. It’s a great opportunity to hang out with friends and fellow aliens or officers or red shirts, and to pose for photos all over the convention space.

Star Trek Cosplayers

Cosplayers will also get their moments to shine at parties, main stage cosplay competitions, special group photo ops, and a cosplayer panel. Visit to Enter the STLV Cosplay Contest.

Go to to purchase your tickets. 

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