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does anyone watch fishcenter live? it plays on weekdays at 4 pm est/9 pm gmt on the livestream or you can watch the older episodes here. i only started watching a few weeks ago but it's already one of my all-time favorites. fwiw, also, my favorite fish is hamburger.

FishCenter Live is presented as a weekday call-in talk show narrating over footage of tropical fish swimming around in a fish tank.[1][2][3][4][5] The fish are ranked according to their points, which are awarded when the fish complete a number of challenges.[4][6] These challenges include floating over coins that are superimposed on the video feed. The show is hosted by Dave Bonawits,[1][7] Andrew Choe,[1][7] Matt Harrigan,[1][a][7] and Max Simonet,[1][9][7] employees of Adult Swim, from the network's digital department room. An original incarnation of the show involved a straight video feed of the fish tank, without narration. Commentary and a phone number for call-in segments were later added. Initially, callers were mostly other Adult Swim employees; when the competition portion was added, the hosts saw an increase of outside callers.[10]

Source: FishCenter Live - Wikipedia

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