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Voyager Boys Reunite at STLV17

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Day two of Star Trek Las Vegas gave fans another deep dive into their favorite franchise, as actors, authors, editors, artists, cosplayers, designers participated in panels on the event’s three stages. Check out our overview of some of Day Two’s memorable activities and appearances…

The Boys of Voyager

The Voyager ladies must have been out on the town, and that left the boys — Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, Robert Beltran and Garrett Wang - to play. And for an hour they told great stories, mocked each other and got the crowd laughing. They even got serious for a moment or two.

Star Trek Voyager Robert Beltran

“I don’t have any regrets,” said Beltran, who’s been critical of Voyager’s use of Chakotay over the years. “I had a great time and made great friends.”

Star Trek Voyager Garret Wang

Wang, of course, did his spot-on George Takei imitation. 

Star Trek Voyager Ethan Phillips

Phillips recalled auditioning for the role of the Doctor. “I went in and read for the part — and didn’t hear anything,” he said. “Then I was asked to come back and audition for Neelix.”

Star Trek Voyager Robert Picardo

“I couldn’t overact,” Picardo said of playing the Doctor, “because the character was a new technology and he didn’t work the way he was supposed to.”


Dom & Connor, Together Again 

It’s always a party when Dominic Keating and Connor Trinneer take the stage together, and this year’s joint appearance at STLV was no exception. We really can’t print much of what Keating said, since it was as randy as ever, but let’s just say there were a LOT of laughs. In a quieter moment near the end of the session, Trinneer elicited cheers when he revealed that he’d love to find a way to revisit the Enterprise characters (despite Trip’s demise).

Star Trek Enterprise Dominic Keating

Star Trek Enterprise Connor Trinnear

Walter Koenig

The man, the legend. Star Trek’s iconic Chekov took to the main stage in the Leonard Nimoy Theatre and shared stories about his Trek days, revealed that he has high hopes for Discovery and made a particularly interesting observation. Everyone celebrated the 50th anniversary of Star Trek last year, but since he joined TOS in season two, “This is my 50th anniversary.”

Star Trek Walter Koenig

Burton Beams to Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online revealed that LeVar Burton will reprise his role as Geordi La Forge in not one, but two upcoming episodes. And the character has received a well-deserved promotion. So, get ready for the adventures of Captain La Forge. 

Star Trek Online LeVar Burton

Inside Trek: The Authors & Their Books

John Van Citters of CBS Consumer Products moderated this panel featuring all-star team of writers whose words span the spectrum of Star Trek literature. The group included Ethan Siegel, David Mack, Kevin Dilmore, Robb Pearlman, Dayton Ward and editor Ed Schlesinger.

Star Trek Ethan Siegel

Siegel explained that his upcoming Treknology book is “about the real-life science behind the technology as it appears on Trek.”

Star Trek Dayton Ward

Ward discussed the “vast differences” between writing a novel and a travel guide, such as his recent ones devoted to Vulcan and the Klingon Empire.

Star Trek Robb Pearlman

Van Citters also previewed images from Pearlman’s upcoming Where’s Waldo-esque book, Search for Spock. Pearlman said he’s “trying to bring out the humor that’s intrinsically there.”

Introducing the Borg Cube

Cherry Tree, Inc. unveiled their limited-edition “Borg Cube” personal computer and virtual reality-capable gaming systems, letting excited fans check it out. Pre-orders are set to begin on September 26, the anniversary of the first TNG episode.

Star Trek Borg Cube Computer

Discovery Exhibit

STLV attendees, after hearing yesterday from Discovery’s actors, producers, writers, authors and creature designers, today got to check out the Discovery Exhibit. The line formed early and stayed steady the entire day as fans checked out the props and costumes flown in straight from the Discovery sets in Toronto. As a special bonus, fans posed for photos in the Discovery Captain’s Chair.

Star Trek Discovery Exhibit

Star Trek Discovery Exhibit

Star Trek Discovery Exhibit

Star Trek Discovery Exhibit

Star Trek Discovery Exhibit

Star Trek Discovery Exhibit



More than 40 fans got their Khan on during this contest in which people screamed their brains out – much to the delight of their fellow fans who served as the judges. 

Star Trek Las Vegas The Big KHAAAAAAAAAAN-test

Star Trek Las Vegas The Big KHAAAAAAAAAAN-test

Star Trek Las Vegas The Big KHAAAAAAAAAAN-test

Star Trek Las Vegas The Big KHAAAAAAAAAAN-test

Winner Deejay L. of Salt Lake City, Utah.


CBS All Access Stage

Jordan Hoffman and Ian Spelling anchored the CBS All-Access Stage, welcoming another wealth of guests to engage in intimate talks with fans. Here’s who appeared on stage:

Star Trek Robb Pearlman

Robb Pearlman, Author

Star Trek David Zappone

David Zappone, What We Left Behind Producer

Star Trek Ira Steven Behr

Ira Steven Behr. What We Left Behind Producer

Star Trek Joanie Brosas

Joanie Brosas, Cosplayer

Star Trek Roger Lay

Roger Lay, Blu-ray Producer

Star Trek Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson, Eaglemoss

Star Trek Trek Trivia Tournament

Trek Trivia Contest Winner, Neil K.

Star Trek JK Woodward

JK Woodward, Artist

Star Trek John Cooley

John Cooley, ANOVOS

Star Trek Sarah Gaydos

Sarah Gaydos, IDW Pulblishing Editor

Sights from Day Two at Star Trek Las Vegas

Star Trek Mary Chieffo, Robert O'Reilly

Klingons Unite - Star Trek: Discovery's Mary Chieffo with Robert O'Reilly

Star Trek Anson Williams

Voyager Director, Anson Williams

Star Trek David Mack, Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore

Authors David Mack, Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore

Star Trek Camille Saviola

Deep Space Nine's Kai Opaka - Camille Saviola

Star Trek Las Vegas

TNG Cosplayers

Star Trek Dey Young

Three-Time Guest Star, Dey Young

Star Trek Jeff Yagher

Voyager Guest Star, Jeff Yagher

Star Trek Megan Gallagher

Three-Time Guest Star, Megan Gallagher


One Trek Mind's Best Holo Episodes Top 10

Star Trek Don Most

Voyager's Dr. Kadan - Don Most

Star Trek Natalija Nogulich

TNG & Deep Space Nine's Admiral Nechayev - Natalija Nogulich 

Star Trek Las Vegas Monster Maroon Cosplayers

Monster Maroon Cosplayers

Star Trek Steve Rankin

Four-Time Guest Star - Steve Rankin

Star Trek JK Woodward, Kirsten Beyer, Mike Johnson

Artist JK Woodward with Writers Kirsten Beyer & Mike Johnson

Star Trek Suzie Plakson

Multi-Time Guest Star, Suzie Plakson with John Paladin

Star Trek Tracee Cocco

Stuntwoman Tracee Cocco

Star Trek Alissa & Heidi Kramer

Voyager's Delaney Sisters, Alissa & Heidi Kramer

Star Trek Las Vegas

Spock Star

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