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STLV Preview: Cosplay

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If it's true that you've not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original Klingon, then it's equally true that you've not seen Star Trek cosplay until you've ventured to Star Trek Las Vegas. Cosplayers will certainly fan out all across the convention floor, but for the first time, is putting cosplayers in the spotlight with a full weekend of activities, much of it on the CBS All Access Stage, including contests (a favorite and a new one!), cosplayer chats and a chance to engage in incredible photo ops with the top cosplayer groups.

Among the highlights:

Costume Contest

The Famous Star Trek Costume Contest
Saturday, 5:30-7:00pm in the Leonard Nimoy Theatre

This is the biggie, as 30 finalists are ready to shine for some major attention and major prizes. Don't miss your chance to see the very best of the entire convention strut their stuff. (And if you want to enter the contest, the closed-to-the-public pre-judging session is at 3:15pm in the DeForest Kelley Theatre.) 

Cosplay Mashup

Cosplay Mash-Ups
Sunday at 11:30am in DeForest Kelley Theatre

An all-new contest for our cosplayers, challenging them to put their incredible imaginations and creativity to the test. Costumes must be part of Star Trek and part something else from another genre or non-genre TV show or film. 

Over on the CBS All Access Stage, fans can join other fans to learn about cosplay, to meet some of Trek fandom's best cosplayers, and to participate in cosplayer group photos. 

Star Trek Cosplay

Photo Op: Star Trek Cosplayers Group
Wednesday at 11:00am

Our stage is your stage for a half hour. So, gather your cosplaying friends and snap the ultimate cosplayer photos. Jordan Hoffman and Dane Butcher will oversee the fun.

Brooke Wilkins

Inside Trek: Brooke Wilkins, Cosplayer
Wednesday at 11:30am

Brooke Wilkins is known in cosplayer circles as one of the best and as an expert in textiles. Learn more about Brooke and her cosplaying during this session. Moderated by Ian Spelling.

Joanie Brosas

Inside Trek: Joanie Brosas
Thursday at 11:00am

Brosas is a professional cosplayer, and she'll morph into an array of Trek characters during STLV. Learn more about Brosas and her love of cosplay. Ian Spelling moderates. 

Monster Maroon Cosplay

Photo Op: Monster Maroon
Thursday at 5:30pm in the DeForest Kelley Theatre

Cosplaying ladies, this is your moment to get together for another epic photo with your fellow cosplayers. Jordan Hoffman will oversee the fun.

Women of Star Trek Cosplay

Photo Op: Women of Star Trek Cosplayers
Friday at 10:30am

Cosplaying ladies, this is your moment to get together for another epic photo with your fellow cosplayers. Jordan Hoffman will oversee the fun.

Michael Rough

Inside Trek: Michael Rough
Friday at 1:30pm

Rough is a popular Star Trek cosplayer who specializes in latex and special effects. Learn more about Rough and his techniques during this discussion with moderator Ian Spelling.

Klingon Cosplay

Photo Op: Klingon Cosplayers
Saturday at 2:00pm

Klingons, it's a good time to... pose for photos! Jordan Hoffman will try to oversee the chaos.

Darrell Philips cosplay

Inside Trek: Darrell Phillips
Saturday at 3:30pm

Get up close and personal with another popular cosplayer. Darrell Phillips takes you inside his costumes and his love of cosplay. Moderated by Jordan Hoffman.

Grey and Black Attack

Photo Op: Grey & Black Attack Cosplayers
Saturday at 4:00pm

This could get ugly, so to keep everyone safe, we're giving the Grey & Black Attack Cosplayers their own time and space to gather for a photo op. Dane Butcher will help lead the proceedings.

Alternate Timeline Cosplay

Photo Op: Alternate Timeline & Time Travel Cosplayers
Sunday at 10:30am

We've got a photo op for pretty much every subset of cosplayer, and right here, right now, alternate timeline and time travel cosplayers get their moment (or half-hour) to team up for photos. Jordan Hoffman and Dane Butcher lead the fun.

Mirror Mirror Cosplay

Photo Op: Mirror Mirror Cosplayers
Sunday at 11:30am

And now it's the Mirror Mirror cosplayers' turn to snap pics together. Once again, Jordan Hoffman and Dane Butcher will lead the fun.

Eric Allan Hall Cosplay

Inside Trek: Eric Allan Hall
Sunday at 2:30pm

Eric Allan Hall is a cosplayer extraordinaire and he knows how to do it on a budget, which comes in handy since he often helps his whole family cosplay at STLV. Learn about Hall and how he pulls it all off during this conversation with moderator Ian Spelling.

Don't forget to share all your incredibly cosplay photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and use the hashtag #STLV17. Star Trek Las Vegas will run August 2-6 at the Rio Suites Hotel in Las Vegas. Visit for the full schedule and tickets.

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