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50 Year Mission: Cherry Hill, NJ, Aug 26-28, 2016

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Fifty Year Mission Tour will be held at the Crowne Plaza Cherry Hill in Cherry Hill, New Jersey from Aug. 26-28, 2016.


Star Trek guests scheduled to attend include:


William Shatner: James T Kirk, TOS / ST I-VII


Walter Koenig: Chekov, TOS / ST I-VI


Brent Spiner: Data, TNG / ST VII-X


Gates McFadden: Beverly Crusher, TNG / ST VII-X


LeVar Burton: Geordi La Forge, TNG / ST VII-X


Michael Dorn: Worf, TNG / DS9 / ST VII-X




Nana Visitor: Major Kira, DS9


Robin Curtis: Lt. Saavik, ST III & IV


Chase Masterson: Leeta, DS9


Max Grodenchik: Rom, DS9


Vaughn Armstrong: Admiral Forrest, ENT


Jeffrey Combs: Shran, ENT / Weyoun and Brunt, DS9


Ethan Phillips: Neelix, VOY


Casey Biggs: Damar, DS9


Connor Trinneer: “Trip” Tucker, ENT


Dominic Keating: Malcolm Reed, ENT


Nicole de Boer: Ezri Dax, DS9


Garrett Wang: Harry Kim, VOY


Tanya Lemani: Kara, TOS

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