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Kira Phaserman

If your looking for a good simm....

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Hello, as some of you may know I am Kira Phaserman, I run a fleet called Lima Fleet, due to some changes Lima Fleet is having an over haul. I am looking for new people, experienced or otherwise to join us. Lima Fleet is not like any Fleet you may have been in before. We are more relaxed and more about having fun then about power, greed, and politics. If you are ready to try out a new way of simming please contact me at I can also be reached on aim at AliceACullen msn or yahoo kira_phaserman.


Locked in a bitter war for thousands of years The Kntarain's and the Banor had needlessly slaughtered one another. The war was a stale mate until 190 years ago when the Banor broke through the defenses of the Kntarains to destroy their home world.


In a frantic effort to save their youngest child, they ejected her in an escape pod through a worm hole. They never knew where she would end up for the worm hole never had a fixed position at the end.


The Kntarian home world was destroyed it was the last thing their daughter had seen. As she grew she thought her species was all but dead.


With the Dominion War long over and the Romulan's as allies things had quieted down for the Federation. Ships began returning to the everyday exploration and Lima Fleet was left to deal with the only threat left in Federation territory. With the help of the Valderan Empire, the Tydarian pirates were being quashed.


On a scouting mission a Valdaran vessel and the USS Fearless came a crossed a worm hole. A severely damaged vessel came through, the one species that Fleet Admiral Kira Phaserman had not expected... Her own.


Kira rushed to the vessel and the news this person brought chilled her to the bone. The Banor were coming, they were going to invade the only home Kira had ever known. The Kntarain's had beat them to the worm hole but it was only a matter of time. As the Kntarian's came through Kira felt some hope. Her family was alive and the Kntarians had a lot of ships.


Hope soon faltered when the first Banor ships came through, the ambush they had set up nearly cost them 4 ships. They retreated back to Licentia where they made their stand.


The USS Veroto, Kira's ship, sacrificed it self when it rammed in to the Banor capital ship. All crew made it off in time.


But now the death toll is piling up as the Banor advance, vengeful Tydarian's join forces with the Banor.


The war rages on as ship after ship is lost to these titan enemies, and Lima Fleet is the Federations Last Defense.


Will you join the front line?


Will you become the Federations Last Defense?


Join us now, Lima Fleet can't hold on without your help.


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