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Q stole my bike

2376: top ten reasons to join

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1.) We're free form! 2376 is not exactly a sim. We're not based around a single ship, space station, or even a single political power. We give you a starting point (right after the Dominion War ends) and you are free to make your own adventures and do whatever you want. Well, except break our rules. That doesn't fly with us.

2.) It's from the great mind that brought you The Adventures of, and it's a lot better than that could have ever hoped to be.

3.) If you so desire, you can play just about any canon character who fits the setting.

4.) My character works for the Tal Shiar. That's cool, right?

5.) We're brand new, and in need of awesome members.

6.) We've got plenty of room for scandal, and corruption, and adventure, and lies, and politics!

7.) Limited time offer: Join now and receive one free beer!

8.) Our banner looks pretty nifty.

9.) If you don't at least take a look, you will be added to the suspect list for the bike conspiracy.

10.) I know where you live!



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