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Alex C

Welcome to Paradise!

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Welcome to Starbase Paradise the Immense Class Station, part of Task Force 476. Starbase Paradise is a Star Trek RPG based in the Star Trek timeline and part of the ever growing Siren Fleet. She is the Task Force Home Base and part of a new program T.R.I.D.E.N.T which will help secure peace through out the galaxy. Based on the edge of the Beta Quadrant between the boundaries between the Federation and the Klingion and Romulan Empire. As tension rises high between the Klingion’s and Romulans, the Federation there to stop full out war.


Our Primary Mission is to secure peace, defend the principals of the Federation and explore the unknown. I am Major Thomas Prime, Commanding Officer and I welcome you to Paradise!


Starbase Paradise is a Star Trek Simm based in Siren Fleet for an age group of 13+




Main Website:

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