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Guidelines for Posting

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I don't have too many "rules" when it comes to posting in this forum and the ones I have are mostly procedural for those who are starting a new thread to provide information about a convention.


  1. This is the Star Trek Convention forum so if a convention has no connection to Trek (ie no Trek related guests), then please do not post about it here.
  2. Check to make sure a thread does not already exist for the convention you wish to post about. One thread per convention is sufficient.
  3. In the Topic Title box put the name of the convention followed by the location.
  4. In the Topic Description box put the dates of the convention.
    Here is a screen capture of the how the thread title should look:

  5. Include a link to the convention's website in your initial post. If the convention is one of many put on by the same company (ie Creation), go to the webpage for the specific convention and use that URL for your link.
  6. When listing guests, please include the name of the character(s) and what series the guest appeared in or what the person's title was if the guest is one of the "behind the scenes" geniuses with one or more of the series or movies. Please do not include guests that are not connected to Trek in your listing.


If you have any questions or comments regarding conventions in general, please post them in the General Questions/Comments Regarding Conventions thread.

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