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A Matter of Perspective

What rating would you give A Matter of Perspective?  

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  1. 1. What rating would you give A Matter of Perspective?

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Series: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Season: 3

Episode #: 14

Production #: 162

Episode Name: A Matter of Perspective

Original Air Date: 02.12.90


Riker beams back to the Enterprise from the Tanuga IV science station just as the science station explodes. A short time later, an investigator from the planet comes aboard requesting that Riker be turned over to him to face charges of murder. Picard is forced to hold an extradition hearing to review the evidence against his first officer. The holodeck is used to recreate witness testimony however each version has few things in common.


Meanwhile, strange energy bursts are occurring on the ship. An investigation of the origins of the energy bursts soon shows a connection to the explosion of the science station and what really happened.


Craig Richard Nelson (Krag) later appeared as the Vaskan Arbiter in the Voyager episode Living Witness.


Gina Hecht (Manua Apgar) played a meter maid in Clockstoppers which was directed by Jonathan Frakes.


Juliana Donald (Tanya) appeared as Emi in the Deep Space Nine episode Prophet Motive.




Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard

Jonathan Frakes as William Thomas Riker

Brent Spiner as Data

LeVar Burton as Geordi La Forge

Michael Dorn as Worf

Gates McFadden as Beverly Crusher

Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi

Wil Wheaton as Wesley Crusher


Guest Cast:


Colm Meaney as Miles O'Brien

Craig Richard Nelson as Krag

Mark Margolis as Dr. Nel Apgar

Gina Hecht as Manua Apgar

Juliana Donald as Tanya


Director: Cliff Bole

Written By: Ed Zuckerman


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The standard of excellence this season of TNG produced continued with this episode.


Basically a combination of an investigative story and the same story told from multiple viewpoints.


Obviously there was never any doubt that Riker was innocent, but it was a superbly written episode and the ending which showed how the space station was really destroyed with the killer energy beam bouncing off the transporter beam was excellent.


Superb episode.


Rating = 4

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Another 5 for me. It's like another one of my favorite TV shows, Murder, She Wrote. A good whodunit, where it's not the person you first suspect. Wesley Crusher learns the value of teamwork as he says "We" more than "I" in this one. Absolutely terrific performances from everybody.

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