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Discover the Secrets of Arborea IV


On the edge of the Romulan Neutral Zone, Counselor Deanna Troi of the U.S.S. Titan collapses at her post. Someone - or some thing – of great power is in trouble, and it’s crying out telepathically for help. And ordinarily, Captain William T. Riker would investigate.


The problem: the message comes from a lifeless planet inside charted Romulan space.


Sending a ship from the Romulan Task Force would be too obvious, but lest a call for help go unheeded, Starfleet dispatches the U.S.S. Jules Verne, a Constellation-class ship, to make first contact – before the disorganized Romulans can get there first.


Who or what has gone undiscovered in Romulan space for so long? Will the crew of the Verne meet a new race – or tangle with an old foe?


Join now to help solve the mystery of Arborea IV!




As the ship’s name suggests, the U.S.S. Jules Verne is a home to science fiction writers of exceptional talent and ability.


Join us for the launch of this brand new Starfleet Legacy Alliance IRC sim, every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. EST beginning April 13th!


**Many positions are still open, including senior staff!**


Check out

Apply through SLA at

Or e-mail

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