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but can be grown into anything or anyone. Are they less valued as a creature just because it was determined that Phlox could inject it with Trip's DNA to make a copy/clone of him and have no regard for the creature just because it wouldn't live a normal *human* lifespan. Did the Lyssarrian Desert Larvae have a choice at all? It was taken of it's home world, kept in a jar on a alien doctor's shelf, and then injected with another creatures DNA. I scream foul, do you hear foul!!! Whoops, I have to check on my doggie, Travis Spencer. I had him taken from the only mother and family he knew. At ten weeks of age, shipped almost five hours from the only place he ever knew. I raised him to be a doggie child, rather than the birddog he was meant to be, and I tend to see human behaviors, (tricks preformed for treats) done by him to please a human creature that adopted him.

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