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  1. :( :tear: Ok I have got to give Richard Roxburgh props for his role as Dracula...Oozing with evil and malice!!! :( :lol: I bow to this guy's portrale of him :lol: :lol: AND THE WEREWOLVES!!! I WAS FLOORED!!! My Jaw hit my popcorn when I saw them!!! Over all BLOODY AWSOME! FLOODED ME AN EVERYONE I WENT WITH!!! I say Dracula easly steals the show...I am in awe of the best bloody acting i have EVER SEEN!! Must find sound track...

  2. I'll share mine then you share yours. Well I have had quite a few happen to me but by far the scariest has to have been this:

    When I was 10 I was out running around the woods with my dog and it was getting dark, which never really bothered me because I'm not afraid of the woods at night and I had my dog with me and he is part lab and shepered so hes fairly scary even if he is the sweetest thing you could find. Anyway we had gone to a part of the forest that we had never been in at night, mostly because of the fact that something keeps tearing deer and other animals into chunks almost nightly so yeah. But we came prepared that night, flash light, bb gun (what i was 10) and a throwing hatchet my dad gave me for my birthday. We stayed out all day exploring and about sunset this dense, thick feeling of dread, hate, sorrow and foreboding just fell around us as suddenly as anything. My dog just started to growl and his hackels raised up also, this didnt help matters much, the temp dropped about 20 degrees in a span of a minet. About that time I was terrified to the point of gripping the hatchet til my knuckles where white. Even thou I was scared near crudless we continued (having yanked my dog away from the spot he was in), alittle while on we came acrosst a dead deer. It was litterally split from neck to tail, it looked rather fresh due to the lack of flies so we must have surprised what ever killed it. And around the deer was fur and signs that it had not died peacefully. By that time it was dark enough to need the flash light. We heard something moving in the bushe needless to say we got outta ther elike a bat outta hell!!

    Theres also the times that i came close to suicide

    The feeling I get, Im not sure how to explain it like your brain is tingleing but something is pulling your gut down and your arms are weak, it scares the crud outta me.

    ok your turn!