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  1. Hi all been awhile this past year has been very bad with my brother passing.

    And three operations on my wrist. Am still trying to figure out what to do.

    They are talking a permanent settlement. can not go back to my job.

    can no longer do it. So they say. Been a trying year. But will try to be here

    a little more often. And if you start the chat again may surprize you all.

    and pop in :clap: for me :clap: it will happen.

  2. as a two part siries premier it did a execent job of

    giving us a insite to the main people.

    also as it is my favorite as per my name.

    i give it a 6 out of five. :lol:

    am a shapeshifter after all

  3. I have to put my two sence in here.

    I have a cat. Found her wraped in a pillow case.

    There are sick people in this world.

    She was 4 weeks old not even weened yet. took her to the vet said she will die.

    I said no way.

    Got a doll baby bottle fed her with it useed my heating pad.

    she is now going on 9 years old. growing up on a

    farm helps.

    but i would be calling a big time leagle eagle.

    my cat is like a child to me.

    a house can be fixed. a pet can not.