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  1. Well,I was going to post a pic of myself,but when it comes to computers I'm afraid I don't know *poopie* from shinola,as my dad likes to say...

    maybe when therabidirishman gets home in a couple of hours,he can help me with it...

    My hair color is blonde.

  2. Vodka 'till I float!If I didn't know better,I'd think I was Russian! Popov!!!

    As for beer,its Corona (ach,i feel like such a traitor,being an irishman!).I voted for Guinness to placate my conscious for loving mexican beer.

    I never drank anything stronger than a Bartles & James winecooler until I met therabidirishman.He insists that I go to his favorite pub near Boston U,with him and his other friends each and every weekend.The man is trying to make me an acoholic :) .He has an inhuman capacity for Corona (some Irishman,drinking Mexican beer! :clap: ).I can usually escape him,the pub,and his alchy budies after a few rounds.Its fun,though.Those guys are crazy.

  3. Absolutely.I'll take fish,shell fish,or some other type of seafood anyday,over beef,pork,or chicken.I haven't found a type of seafood I don't like.I even eat squid and octopus,which really freaks out therabidirishman!He's a wimp.Won't try anything new. :clap: