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  1. a friend of mine on trekspace said that Brent would like to play a musical in a theatre about the story of Don Quixotte:

    'Man of La Mancha'

    at The Freud Playhouse at UCLA located in Macgowan Hall

    from February 14 to March 1, 2008

    tickets: $ 70 - 75

    More Info:


    I think that it will be a wonderful musical, although the story is sad...

  2. Bryan Fuller - who already worked on VOY and on DS9- wants to make a new Trek series!



    The only problem is...that he doesn't like the style of TNG! I hope that he doesn't want to produce a "prequel" series - parallel to the movies - because I want a new series which continues the events after Nemesis!

    what do you think about?