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  1. We all know the infamous holodeck-exiting scenes, like when Wesley Crusher ran out the holodeck with a wet shirt, but what about some less obvious things?


    If you were on the holodeck for a month and just ate holodeck food, when you left the holodeck, would you lose a large portion of your body mass, effectively dying shortly?

    Would your waste, urination, etc. be lying on the floor when the holodeck is turned off?


    I can't think of a time when people have been on a holodeck for a long amount of time, but I would think that little things, like pools of sweat would be on the floor after working out, like B'Ellana in "Extreme Risk."


    Do you think I'm just nitpicking, though? I've always been fascinated by the holodeck and scenarios like that.

  2. I loved the episode and gave it a 5. The most challenging part of the episode to me was that it seemed that Tuvix would be able to live on, in Tuvok and Neelix. I actually agree with the captain's decision, and I am glad that Janeway finally put the good of her actual crew before the good of some other entity (Caretaker, Endgame (almost), to name a few). She had been the anti-Kirk up until this point, following protocol, not firing weapons when possible, and helping others to a fault. Her anti-Kirk nature made this dilemma all the more difficult for Janeway, but she finally made the best choice for her crew. All of these elements made this episode so good.

  3. I am surprised at the high ratings. Brandon Braga, who wrote it, called it a big "doozy," and said that he didn't pull it off. I didn't like the devolution in concept or more importantly, in presentation, so I gave it a 1.

  4. I would love to see a Voyager movie. It couldn't really be a story about Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, but I would like to see an extension of Endgame. I'd like to see what happened to each of the characters. It may not be viable as a movie, but I would like something to explain what happens afterwords (and not a cheesy miniseries).