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  1. Deck one, which is the bulge in the top of the center of the saucer, is the bridge. It is a circular-shape and the nerve center of the Enterprise. This is where the Captain presides over the entire ship's complex operations.


    The captain sites in the command chair in the inner, lower elevation, facing a large bridge viewing screen. Also facing the viewing screen is the Navigation station and Helmsman station. On the outer raised circular elevation of the bridge are eight individual stations.


    They are: Communications station, Library-Computer station, Navigational subsystems Checkout, (this station provides information and readings on all navigational instruments and subsystems), Weapons Subsystems Check out, (this station provides data on the operation of all subsystems within the ship's weapons systems).


    Also these stations are in engineering. Environmental Systems provides data on the functioning of fall components of the ship's environmental systems. Manual adjustments can be made at this station to affect ships gravity, air supply and composition, temperature, etc., Engineering subsystems Checkout, (this station provides information and readings on all engineering subsystems), Defensive Systems Monitor, (this station continually monitors the status of all defensive systems, deflector screens, etc.


    Tied into the command position are the main controls for the vessel's vast computer complex which automates and affects every system aboard vessel. The system was invented by Dr. Richard Daystrom. The Library-computer station is tied into his viewers and screens and are more detailed cross-circuit regulation controls plus visual and audio information on the status of all systems and activities. From this station a report or command of override of the entire ship's functions can be done. The computer has voice-recognition circuits and is self-programming which allows it to respond to verbal orders; the computer in return can respond through a vocorder. The computer uses a female voice to respond. It was found in the 20th Century that a female voice could penetrate noise better and results in improved response by men.


    info from this sight http://home.att.net/~CJMCG-JDD/

  2. Its hard to tell, lots of ship models did not look so good setting on a table but lite it up and put it in space and it might look different. I don't think that would have been gene's finale product though.

  3. I just remembered in the episode the naked time when the landing party brought back the virus from the planet there was a scene in the briefing room when Kirk found Spock. he asked Spock if he had been watching that beautiful Yeoman and said captains are not permitted but thin he stopped in mid sentence. I thought there might be a regulation on that.