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  1. That's great. Too bad number one didn't apply to me. And I do have an excuse for number four in my defense and that's that the cable box in my room doesn't even have a power button no less channel buttons. Time to bo number eight :)

  2. Actually I am assuming he had it set to save the state on hybernate and restore state on wake in which case his problem makes sense as if there was a power outage it would not be able to return from hibernation as the state was saved in the RAM. Tough luck.

  3. Have I after all this time really never replied to this post? Ok, I picked mine because for a couple reasons. Obviously one is because I liked Bones' whit. Another is because there is an old TOS pic I like of the entire bridge crew and always liked how everyone were a little more fanned out from the middle and standing exept 2 people, Kirk and McCoy. As for the number I picked, if you don't get it I'm not explaining. :blink: :dontgetit:

  4. Most ever at any one site would be at the first and second versions on my board where I have the post limit counter set to 10,000 and shadow, ghost and myself managed to role that over to l337 ofter a few months. This will make 197 here, 77 at the restaurant and I'm usually to busy to go anywhere else so I have no clue :(

  5. Personally I say sell it anyway while it works. They don't exactly have the longest life spans to begin with and when that lens does go out you'll have to pitch it and get nothing for it. As far as how much you get for it you'll likely get more for it at a used game shop or EB since they are usually low on stock around this time of year (just call around and ask a few places). And as far as playing your games, as long as your computer is at least 250Mhz it can play a PS game with no problems what I have been doing since they originally came out. Just use an emulator such as Bleem or CVGS (which I have both and their companies are out of business which means I can send you one) or anything on really.

  6. The buttons are the first thing that jump out at me. I think you should use them but just run them through an image program and adjust the color. Personally my vote would be to shift them red since that would look good and the letters would still be very easily read. Also, the background. It's gotta go. Too, generic of a star spread. As for the frames, they should be changed to tables if nothing else because they have a habit of interfering with bookmarking (learnt that the hard way). If doing the tables manually sounds like too much effort I highly recommend changing th language you use to PHP as it will make table and cell generation much simpler and also helps prevent code stealing. Other than that concept seems good.

  7. Sounds to me like ya got some built up aggression the TM. *Starts slowly backing away to door* And thats perfectly fine. *Tries to open door without being noticed* And no one will think anyless than you because you wanna end the world. *Runs away yelling for securlity*

  8. Never had a trek dream, but I used to have a reoccuring dream where i was being "pulled" through space at an unbelievable sppen and could see the earth basicly being ripped away from me. Weird, huh?

  9. Well, I gave it a 6 and that is only because the fact it was ENT it was semi entertaining. They really need to get this story moving all ready, I enjoy ENT alot and if they hope to keep this interest for Gods sake lets get to the freakin' Xindi!!!



    Click for Spoiler:

    I think it's great you all remember this idea was used in "one," but bear in mind thats NOT where this type of story came from. I swear I've seen this idea recycled and trashed and recycled all over again more times in my life than our drinking water. Eww!!! :lol: :) :wow: