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  1. In real life everyones uniforms would not be the same,as you notice that the only thing that was different was the colors of part of their blouses.In real life the enlisted personnel would be different than the non commissioned officers and in turn the commissioned officers would be different.That is in the navy.Since they used naval ranks there ,I would imagine that they would follow the uniform code there,also.


    In combat that would be a different story as no officer wants to stand out as a target.We never wore our rank,or a different uniform.In the land of make believe anything goes.



  2. When I was in the service,overseas, they changed the uniforms.We wore our old outdated ones until we returned to our country.So I see that they had no need to change until they returned home.That makes sense to me.



  3. I liked the first three seasons the best.I guess that was because my favorite Kes was in it.

    I think that it really picked up midway thorugh the first season and from then on it better and better until the end on the third season.After they did away with Kes the series did not seem as interesting.



  4. Last night on the history channel they had a program called "How William Shatner Changed the World"It was all about thr changes in the world that came about because of the StarTrek programs.He did say that Paramount Pictures said that they were not going to make anymore StarTrek movies or programs.


    They can always change their minds.Will time will tell.



  5. I would like to see a Voyager movie,but I do not think that it will ever come to pass.

    Making any Startrek movie is a thing of the past.it has run its course never to be seen again.


    Someday it,and that is a big if,they ever do make a new Trek series and if it is a outstanding sucess ,then and only then will they again attempt to make another Trek movie,but it would not be a Voyager one.



  6. One of Jennifer Liens best.It showed what a talented actor that she is.

    She ran the entire gauntlet of emotions in that episode with perfection.