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  1. I'm actually in command of two RPG ships. One of them is a Hornet class warship--er, escort--that I named the USS Seleya (as in Mount Seleya on Vulcan, love the irony). The other is a Katana class Klingon assault cruiser called the IKV Battleblade.

  2. I've heard many rumors about Star Trek XI...and the only one that holds any water is the Romulan War plot. That's something a lot of us would like to see done. We never got to see a lot of the Rihannsu (Romulan) people, and the war would be a good way to explore their early relations with the Federation.

  3. Hey!! In Star Trek: Insurrection, they didn't even bother explaining what Worf was doing there:


    Picard: "Mr Worf, what are you doing here?"


    Worf: "Well, I was on DS9 and decided to blah blah blah......blah blah"


    Picard: "I see, well that makes sense".




    That's not how it happened...Worf said he was on a patrol or something like that and decided to delay his return to DS9 and Picard didn't respond to him because he was late for his meeting with Regent Cuzar.