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  1. As a whole, I enjoy Star Trek V, true it is not one of my favorite of the films but, as mentioned before, you have the Kirk, Spock and McCoy triad which held the film together. Yes there are major mistakes (deck 78 anyone) and plot holes you can park a spacedock in, but that does not dinimish its entertainment value. My favorite scenes are the campire scene and the God encounter.

  2. Personally, if I am going to have a soft drink, I will stick with either pepsi, pepsi twist, wild cherry pepsi or pepsi vanilla. I like my drinks as sinful as possible, plus based on the reactions here it sounds pretty nasty with this atkins fever going on. I like buns with my burgers and dogs, bread on my sandwiches and an occasional dinner roll with a fine dinner. Fortuntely, I do not need to diet as I am pretty healthy.

  3. I picked up "trekkies 2" on the first day it came out on dvd, and when I got home from my errands, promptly opened it and popped into my player. Needless to say, I was sucked in immediately. I liked how they showed other fans around the world plus giving us updates on some of the fans they featured in the previous film. I agree, it is good to see Gabriel Keorner happily married and that Barbara Adams is doing well in her job and life. I felt this film was less condescending than the first one and it even drew on issues on the first. As always with the Trekkie films, I saw people I knew personally in it, the last one was the guy who changed his name ot James T. Kirk, in this one it was one of the filkers. I was also fascinated by the fan productions out there. They were crude and simple but amusing. I am reccomending anyone who saw and enjoyed the first one to buy this one.