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  1. Palpatine has the powers of a jedi in an extreme level.


    Q have god powers. Q are the most powerful beings of all Science fiction. Plus there is not one Q, there are thousands or more of them. Palpatine would have a chance to get away if the Q argued on who would be the one to deal with him!!


    Now, as to whether Star Trek can beat Star Wars. The Federation may lose in a war against the Empire but in the next episode it will turn the tide again, why is that? Because the Federation is like the Trekkies compared to the Star Wars fans. Smaller in numbers but more loyal, determined and possibly good natured.

  2. I voted that i did not like the Cardies because:


    1. They are a lot more murderous and unreliable than the Romulans


    2. Their generals seem to be lacking compared to the Federation and the others


    3. They did not have the power to back up their actions. Thing which became clear when the Cardassians found themselves unable to win a single battle without the help of the Dominion during the war


    4. Their ideals and social structure is outrageous being a perfect application of Makiavelli's theories


    5. How could i like a race that only seeks to dominate in order to get << vital space >>?



    BUT they will make good members of the Federation if they ever choose to join ( This is not impossible after their defeat since they no longer are a Super-power able to fend for itself )

  3. DS9 was not really depressing as shows go ( even in sci-fi ) but it was a great deal more depressive, dark and pesimistic than the rest Star Trek. DS9 was a lot more complex than TNG and compared to TOS it was like it was talking for another subject.


    After giving substantial thought to this matter, i came up with some ideas to why this happened. Of course, these are just ideas. So here they are:


    1. TNG was a success but the producers could have believed that the public would not accept another show that was too similar to that. So, they preferred to create a different kind of show.


    2. Gene Rodenberry who produced TOS and TNG did not have much to do with DS9 and thus it would be possible that the producers did not want to create something that would be compared to the brilliant work of Gene ( Forever alive Gene )


    3. Babylon 5 ( nice job stealing ideas from Star Trek, Star Wars and all mythologies Straczynski ), ad a great success and it was as depressive as it gets. Hell, I like B5 myself. The thing is that DS9 << had >> to become more depressive to rival B5. I mean as B5 advances, year after year DS9 becomes even darker.

  4. Well, for one thing, if we encoutered the Klingons now, we would curse the Little Green aliens for not conquering us before the Klingons arrived. The Klingons would just classify us as a slave race and wouldn't care that much about our primitive culture. On the other hand if this happens in the future ( as in Star Trek ) when humanity has hit space, then things are different and it is possible that they would care about our culture. In my opinion this is also the case with any alien life encountered since even the pacifist ones would not care to contact a primitive race.

  5. I think that the Borg would disagree on that. You see, the Borg don't just want to steal technologies from other races, understand their biology, find their weaknesses or claim their experiences. No doubt they do those too but, as the Borg themselves say, their main reason for assimilating civilizations is to offer them << perfection >>, a better quality of life, even if it means suffering casualties.


    The big problem with the Borg is that they are not viewing their assimilation attacks as a campaign of conquest for own gain but as a crusade to << help >> all other << misguided >> races. This will lead them to attack at all times no matter what. The only way the Federation could deal with it, is through its advancement. I mean, the Borg have been around for 12000 years at least and their technology is not THAT far superior of the Federation whose members have been in space for less than a thousand years ( excluding the medusans that despite being around for so long, advanced very little ). The Borg, as powerful as they seem, they do not advance as rapidly as the Federation, the Romulans or the Klingons ( just like the dominion that also was around for thousands of years but was not far more advanced ). In my opinion should the Federation last 2000 years or so, the Borg would be defeated just like China was conquered by the colonial powers. ( once the greatest empire, now outdated and crushed )

  6. In my opinion, even though most breakthroughs happen in wartimes, peace can be far more productive. A lasting peace would enable complete cooperation between the nations as well as the allocation of more resources to scientific research ( for non-military purposes ). As for the ones that say a war can be a good thing, war is never a good thing for everyone involved. U.S.A has never faced occupation after its creation as a nation. Greece on the other hand did numerous times ( Romans, Crusaders, Turks, Germans ). War was good for the victors at the time, but not for the defeated.

  7. The thing is that it is really difficult to create an A.I that can defeat the best human General. Real combat is not a simple matter of calculations as chess is ( at least for a computer chess is a matter of calculations ).


    Furthermore, there would have to be robots of all kinds ( not just fighting ones ) like repair-bots, fuel-bots, scout-bots, artillery bots, aircraft-bots, naval-bots, space-bots, spy-bots. Without all of them in immense quantities they would be unable to do anything to human armies. Moreover, humans might be fragile but they are many and it is doubtful that there are the resources in order for billions of robots to be created and sustained. Finally, if the robots do want to take over the world ( like Brain ) they must do it quickly before U.S.A brings Star Wars strategic defence system online and the Russians develop the new intercontinental missile ( and we have not even brought in the nuclear weapons that WILL do damage, despite what is shown in Matrix. Even the hardest metal cannot withstand a nuclear explosion and Matrix is just a movie )

  8. I vote for Picard because ( apart from the fact that he is my favorite TV character )

    he virtually outsmarted ( or at least impressed with his intelligence ) Q. An omnipotent being with around 2000 IQ. ( Even Kirk would have trouble doing that, as much as << omnipotent-beings-destroyer he is ). Janeway on the other hand went as far as outsmarting the Borg.


    Picards has it all the way Andromeda.

  9. Well, maybe Q was telling this for two other reasons:


    1. He was talking to a young Q that surely did not have all the power or knowledge of a complete Q.


    2. The Federation can be triffled with and still remain indiferent towards them. Federation citizens are just good company or toys for the Q. The Borg on the other hand would surely try to counter and then the Q would have to annihilate them. But the Q do not really want to destroy anything ( maybe they want to keep the balance or something ). Anyway as it would be bad for a kid to destroy its toys the same goes for Q ( Some Q do have compassion for lesser beings )


    Also, i do not really think that any being capable of destroying the enterprise with a snap of its fingers and with natural invulnerability ( in fact hundreds or more of them ) would have any trouble destroying anything. ( Well except Captain Kirk and his ship, since in TOS they had tens of these beings for lunch... )

  10. I have watched both series thoroughly and i have to stress out one thing.


    In B5 there were battles on numerous occasions but they were pretty short ones.

    ( The only episode with a really great battle was << No surrender no retreat >> if iam not mistaken. Still the battle was not that interesting since it was humans against humans ( same tech, power, e.t.c ).


    On the other hand battles in DS9 ( even in TOS and TNG ) were more scarce but hella more juicy when they happened ( I cannot forget the fight of Kirk against the Romulans that lasted an episode ).


    I vote for Star Trek DS9 because:


    1. Iam a Trekkie and i love being one

    2. In Star Trek there are fleets of thoudands ( 331 ships were just ONE wave of reinforcements )

    3. In B5 noone ever told me what these flying saucers are using as firepower ( the thing like a green torpedoe )

    4. In B5 i never really bought the fact that whatever material ( Usable for building ships at least ) without shielding could take numerous blasts from a really powerful laser battery and survive.

    5. Because Star Trek Fleets need A LOT more that a bunch of nuclear warheads in a near asteroid to be destroyed.

  11. What is the second cutest thing in the Galaxy? Ezri Dax


    What is the most beautiful thing in the Galaxy? Jadzia Dax


    What is the... ( sorry i overdid it! )


    I think that it will suffise to say that here in Greece, we have dedicated a room in our guild ( The Thessaloniki Sci-Fi guild ) to her memory. ( And one would say American Trekkies were the only ones crazy... )