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  1. In the January 2008th edition of PowerSlam magazine, it stated that Maria would be featured in an upcoming edition of Playboy Magazine. Sources have indicated that Maria just did that photoshoot for Playboy and a announcement should be revealed soon in the upcoming weeks closer to WrestleMania.


    All my dreams have finally come true!!!... :yahoo::dude: :P


    :bow: :P B) :wow: :o

  2. Hey guys...or Kor, I got Undertaker 15-0 for Christmas. I just watched his match with HHH and at the end, they played his Ministry Theme. I'm guessing they didn't wanna pay the record label for the use of "Rollin'" on the DVD. Same thing with Flair's match.

  3. Well, The Nation went through Several Members.


    Teddy Long??


    There was also Clarance Mason, Kama (The Godfather, also Papa Shango back in the day)



    After the Rock took over, they got Owen Hart.


    When they first formed, I think Crush was in it...maybe even Savio Vega.



    And check out this pic I found.



  4. For myself and many others, the end of WCW marked the end of what made this Generation of Wrestling so great.


    But we did get WWF vs WCW/ECW out of it...that was fun to watch. The Ultimate Faction War.


    I didn't have Cable during the DX vs The Nation feud so I missed that whole thing.

  5. I don't know who they think they're "entertaining" with this Edge/Vickie Angle, but it has to stop!! I did like the Edge Heads too, though.


    Ya know something....WWE is long over do for another Faction War. Those were always the best times to watch.

  6. I agree. This storyline is dumb. That's right Steph, I said it's dumb..cause it is. I'm a WWE fan I have ever right to say that.

























    Btw, Edge is once again the Champ!
























  7. The tide already turning against Chris Jericho?




    -- Chris Jericho's feud with Randy Orton looks to be a short one as it should be over soon. He may move on to a "war of words" feud with JBL, cultimating in a match at WrestleMania. Some people within WWE are already disappointed with Jericho's mic work, in-ring work and mild crowd reaction. Jericho was never expected to get a long period of grace, but the tide has turned against him fairly quickly.


    Triple H buries Jericho in front of locker room?


    partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter


    -- At the 11/19 Raw show -- the night in which Chris Jericho returned -- Triple H was joking with a number of the younger wrestlers about how they should be really excited for the next round of house shows. When asked why, he said that there would be nothing but sellouts now that "the savior" has arrived. He also said something similar to Shawn Michaels, telling him that he should work house shows again because Chris Jericho "was back to save wrestling." Michaels didn't really respond to Triple H's comment as he didn't laugh about it nor respond to it negatively. Of course, Triple H was being sarcastic with his comments. He was telling people that Ric Flair's return will mean more money than Jericho's return. Internally, some people believe Triple H's comparison was counterproductive. It was also noted that he never does this sort of stuff at the arena to co-workers, but Jericho of all people got him to do it. If he does, it's only with the inner circle of WWE. On the other hand, Stephanie McMahon was giving the impression at television that she is very supportive of Chris Jericho.




    Jericho's Mic work?? It's still just as great as it was. And Triple H is just Jealous cause Jericho can put on a better show than he can.


    Yeah that's right HHH, I said it. I'm one of those nerds behind a Keyboard!! And this Nerd is bigger Y2J Fan than a HHH Fan! :huh:

  8. You know what I would love to see this year, but would never happen??



    Both WWE and TNA doing a Joint show for the Troops in the Middle East.


    One match in particular could be a 6 man TLC Match.


    Edge & Christian Cage VS TEAM 3-D VS The Hardyz






    Sting VS Ric Flair





    Kurt Angle VS HBK! (again :huh: )

  9. "No Mercy" in you, huh? :P


    btw, Kennedy was on the radio this morning on The Johnboy and Billy Big Show.


    It was pretty cool hearing him speak out of character. One of the comments he made was how the business has changed in terms of the matches. He said a suplex used to end matches, but now they usually begin them.


    He also said he spent..5 years I think trying to get on WWE TV and all it took was to say his name twice! :P